Martyrdom (See also Sacrifice.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Martyrdom (See also Sacrifice.)

  1. Agatha, St. tortured for resisting advances of Quintianus. [Christian Hagiog.: Daniel, 21]
  2. Alban, St. traditionally, first British martyr. [Christian Hagiog: NCE, 49]
  3. Andrew, St. apostle and missionary; condemned to be scourged and crucified. [Christian Hagiog.: Brewster, 4]
  4. arrow and cross symbol of martyrdom of St. Sebastian. [Christian Iconog.: Attwater, 304]
  5. Brown, John (1800–1859) abolitionist leader; died for antislavery cause. [Am. Hist.: Hart, 111]
  6. Callista beautiful Greek convert; executed and later canonized. [Br. Lit.: Callista]
  7. Campion, Edmund harassed and tortured by Anglicans, hanged on a false charge of treason. [Br. Lit.: Edmund Campion in Magill I, 237]
  8. carnelian symbol of St. Sebastian. [Christian Hagiog.: Brewer Handbook, I, 411]
  9. Elmo, St. patron saint of sailors; intestines wound on windlass. [Christian Hagiog.: Attwater, 117]
  10. Golgotha place of martyrdom or of torment; after site of Christ’s crucifixion. [Western Folklore: Espy, 79]
  11. Holy Innocents male infants slaughtered by Herod. [Christian Hagiog.: Attwater, 179; N.T.: Matthew 2:16–18]
  12. James Intercisus, St. cut to pieces for belief in Christianity. [Christian Hagiog.: Brewster, 2]
  13. Jesus Christ crucified at demand of Jewish authorities. [N.T.: Matthew 27:24–61; Mark 15:15–47; Luke 23:13–56; John 19:13–42]
  14. Joan of Arc, St. (1412–1431) burned at stake for witchcraft (1431). [Fr. Hist.: NCE, 1417; Br. Lit.: I Henry VI]
  15. John the Baptist, St. Jewish prophet; beheaded at instigation of Salome. [N.T.: Matthew 11:1–19; 17:11–13]
  16. More, Sir Thomas (1478–1535) statesman and humanist; be-headed for opposition to Henry VIII’s Act of Supremacy [Br. Hist.: NCE, 1830]
  17. Nero’s Torches oil- and tar-smeared Christians implanted and set aflame. [Christian Hist.: Brewer Note-Book, 614]
  18. palm appeared on martyrs’ graves. [Christian Symbolism: Appleton, 73]
  19. Perpetua, St., and St. Felicity gored by wild beasts; slain with swords. [Christian Hagiog.: Attwater, 273]
  20. Peter, St. apostle crucified upside down in Rome. [Christian Hagiog.: Brewster, 310]
  21. Sacco and Vanzetti (Nicola, 1891–1927) (Bartolomeo, 1888–1927) perhaps executed more for radicalism than murder (August 22, 1927). [Am. Hist.: Flexner, 311]
  22. Sebastian, St. Roman soldier; shot with arrows and struck with clubs. [Christian Hagiog.: Brewster, 75]
  23. Stephen, St. first martyr; stoned as blasphemer. [Christian Hagiog.: Attwater, 313]
  24. sword instrument of decapitation of early saints. [Christian Symbolism: Appleton, 14]
  25. Thecla, St. first woman martyr. [Christian Hagiog.: Brewer Dictionary, 1072]
  26. Thomas à Becket, St. (1118–1170) brutally slain in Canterbury cathedral by king’s knights. [Br. Hist.: NCE, 2735–2736]