Illusion (See also Appearances, Deceiving.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Illusion (See also Appearances, Deceiving.)

  1. Barmecide feast imaginary feast served t0 beggar by prince. [Arab. Lit.: Arabian Nights, “The Barmecide’s Feast”]
  2. Emperor’s New Clothes supposedly invisible to unworthy people; in reality, nonexistent. [Dan. Lit.: Andersen’s Fairy Tales]
  3. Fata Morgana esp. in the Straits of Messina: named for Morgan le Fay. [Ital. Folklore: Espy, 14]
  4. George and Martha as an imaginary compensation for their childlessness, pretend they have a son, who would now be twenty-one. [Am. Drama: Edward Albee Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? in On Stage, 447]
  5. Glass Menagerie, The drama of St. Louis family escaping reality through illusion (1945). [Am. Lit.: The Glass Menagerie, Magill III, 418–420]
  6. Herbert, Niel Mrs. Forrester’s affairs destroyed his image of her. [Am. Lit.: A Lost Lady]
  7. Hudibras English Don Quixote; opponent of repressive laws. [Br. Lit.: Hudibras, Espy, 204]
  8. Marshland, Jinny saw philanderer Brad Criley as true lover. [Am. Lit.: Cass Timberlane]
  9. mirage something illusory, such as an imaginary tree and pond in the midst of a desert. [Pop. Usage: Misc.]
  10. Mitty, Walter imagines self in brilliant and heroic roles. [Am. Lit.: “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” in Cartwell, 606–610]
  11. Quixote, Don attacks windmills thinking them giants. [Span. Lit.: Don Quixote]
  12. Snoopy imaginative dog. [Comics: “Peanuts” in Horn, 542–543]
  13. Xanadu place appearing in Coleridge’s dream; where Kubla Khan “did/A stately pleasure-dome decree.” [Br. Lit.: “Kubla Khan” in Payton, 744]