Homosexuality Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Homosexuality

  1. Albertine discovery of her promiscuous lesbianism breaks up her impending marriage to Marcel. [Fr. Lit.: Proust Remembrance of Things Past]
  2. Bilitis putative singer of Sapphic lyrics. [Fr. Lit.: Les Chansons de Bilitis, NCE, 1621]
  3. Cage aux Folks, La farce, with serious overtones, about a night-club owner and his homosexual lover and employee. [Fr. Cinema: La Cage aux Folles]
  4. Charlus, Baron de fails to conceal his homosexual relations with a young tailor and a talented violinist. [Fr. Lit.: Proust Remembrance of Things Past]
  5. Christopher Street magazine for homosexuals. [Am. Pop. Culture: Misc.]
  6. City and the Pillar, The portraying a young gay separated from “normal” people. [Am. Lit.: The City and the Pillar]
  7. Death in Venice aging successful author loses his lifelong self-discipline in his love for a beautiful Polish boy. [Ger. Lit: Death in Venice]
  8. Edward II weak English king whose love for Gaviston, Earl of Cornwall, so arouses the anger of the nobles that he loses the crown and is murdered. [Br. Drama: Marlowe Edward II in Magill II, 286]
  9. Ganymede beautiful shepherd entrances Jupiter. [Rom. Lit.: Metamorphoses]
  10. gay liberation organization that supports equal rights in jobs, housing, etc. for homosexuals. [Am. Pop. Culture: Misc.]
  11. lambda Greek letter adopted as symbol by gay liberation movement. [Am. Pop. Cult.: Misc.]
  12. Molinier, Oliver loved by two writers, his uncle Edouard and Count Robert de Passavant. [Fr. Lit.: Gide The Counterfeiters in Magill I, 160]
  13. Oglethorpe, John his sexual preference causes marital problems. [Am. Lit.: The Manhattan Transfer]
  14. Sappho Greek poetess from Lesbos; hence, lesbian. [Gk. Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 962]
  15. Sodomites insisted on having sexual intercourse with angels disguised as men. [O.T.: Gen. 19]
  16. Venable, Sebastian his homosexuality and morbid fascination with vice are revealed by a witness to his horrible death. [Am. Drama: Tennessee Williams Suddenly Last Summer in Weiss, 448]
  17. Well of Loneliness, The novel about female homosexuality; once banned, but defended by eminent authors. [Br. Lit.: Barnhart, 530]
  18. Willard, Jim his first homosexual fulfillment at seventeen, adheres to his erotic life-style. [Am. Lit.: Gore Vidal The City and the Pillar]