God Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to God

  1. Abba title of reverence for God the Father. [N.T.: Mark 14:36; Romans 8:15]
  2. Adonai spoken in place of the ineffable Yahweh. [Judaism: NCE, 22]
  3. Aesir the Teutonic pantheon. [Norse Myth.: Leach, 17]
  4. Ahura Mazda (Ormuzd, Ormazd) the spirit of good and creator of all things. [Zoroastrianism: Payton, 11]
  5. Allah Arabic name of the Supreme Being. [Islam: Benét, 24]
  6. Amen-Ra national and chief god of Egyptians. [Egypt. Myth.: Leach, 42]
  7. Ancient of Days scriptural epithet for God. [O.T.: Daniel 7:9]
  8. Assur principal god. [Assyrian Myth.: Benét, 59]
  9. Brahman supreme soul of the universe. [Hindu Phil.: Parrinder, 50]
  10. Buddha “the Enlightened One”; mystical supremacy. [Hinduism: Payton, 108]
  11. Creator, the common sobriquet for God. [Pop. Usage: Misc.]
  12. El rare Biblical appellation of the Lord. [Judaism: Wigoder, 169]
  13. Elohim spoken in place of the ineffable Yahweh. [Judaism: NCE, 22]
  14. Huitzilopochtli supreme war god of the Aztecs. [Aztec Religion: NCE, 1286]
  15. Jehovah the ancient Hebrew name for God. [Heb. Lang.: NCE, 1407]
  16. Manitou supreme deity of Algonquin and neighboring tribes. [Am. Indian Religion: Collier’s, X, 91]
  17. Marduk warrior god, chief of the Babylonian pantheon; creator of heaven, earth, and man. [Babylonian Myth.: Benét, 634]
  18. Ormuzd supreme deity and embodiment of good. [Persian Myth.: Wheeler, 272]
  19. Osiris supreme deity and ruler of eternity. [Ancient Egyptian Myth.: Benét, 745]
  20. Quetzalcoatl god of the Toltecs. [Toltec Religion: NCE, 2258]
  21. rays, garland of emblem of God the Father. [Christian Iconog.: Jobes, 374]
  22. Sat Nam true name of the one God inclusive of all others. [Indian Religion: Collier’s, XVII, 304]
  23. Shekinah equivalent for Lord in Aramaic interpretation of Old Testament. [Targumic Lit.: Brewer Dictionary, 991]
  24. Tetragrammaton Hebrew word for Lord: YHWH; pronunciation forbidden. [Judaism: Wigoder, 593]
  25. Yahweh reconstruction of YHWH, ancient Hebrew name for God. [Heb. Lang.: NCE, 3019]