Generosity (See also Aid, Organizational; Kindness.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Generosity (See also Aid, Organizational; Kindness.)

  1. Abbé Constantin self-sacrificing priest; curé of Longueral. [Fr. Lit.: The Abbé Constantin, Walsh Modern, 105]
  2. Amelia takes interest in Paul. [Br. Lit.: Dombey and Son]
  3. Antonio lends money gratis. [Br. Lit.: Merchant of Venice]
  4. Appleseed, Johnny (John Chapman, 1774–1845) gave settlers apple seeds and a helping hand. [Am. Hist.: Hart, 146]
  5. Baboushka female Santa Claus on Feast of Epiphany. [Russ. Folklore: Walsh Classical, 50]
  6. Befana female Santa Claus who comes at Epiphany. [Ital. Legend: Walsh Classical, 50]
  7. Bountiful, Lady benevolent, beneficent, but a bit overbearing. [Br. Lit.: Beaux’ Stratagem, Espy, 129]
  8. buffalo heraldic symbol of unselfishness. [Heraldry: Halberts, 21]
  9. bull heraldic symbol of magnanimity. [Heraldry: Halberts, 21]
  10. Burchell, Mr. gave to the poor. [Br. Lit.: Vicar of Wakefield]
  11. Cinderella feeds beggar whom sisters scorn. [Ital. Opera: Rossini, Cinderella, Westerman, 120–121]
  12. Dāna almsgiving to poor, giftgiving to priests. [Hindu Rel.: Parrinder, 72]
  13. Ephron tried unsuccessfully to give Abraham free burial-ground. [O.T.: Genesis 23:10–16]
  14. Hood, Robin robbed rich to help poor. [Br. Lit.: Robin Hood]
  15. Maecenas to poets, esp. Virgil, as a patron. [Rom. Hist.: Espy, 123]
  16. Nicholas, St. bringer of presents to children on Christmas. [Folklore: Wheeler, 327]
  17. Rosie could not deny love to anyone. [Br. Lit.: Cakes and Ale]
  18. Salvation Army (officially called Volunteers of America) organization devoted to helping unfortunates. [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 443]
  19. Santa Claus gives gifts to children on Christmas. [Folklore: Walsh Classical, 50]
  20. shmoo ham-shaped beast that laid eggs, provided milk, and happily gave its flesh to the hungry. [Am. Comics: Li’l Abner]
  21. Trot, Tommy sold bed to buy wife a mirror. [Nurs. Rhyme: Opie, 416]
  22. Twelve Days of Christmas presents increase with each day of Yuletide. [Am. Music: “Twelve Days of Christmas” in Rockwell]
  23. Twm Shon Catti Welsh Robin Hood. [Welsh Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 1110]
  24. Unferth offers Beowulf finest sword in kingdom. [Br. Lit.: Beowulf]
  25. Vincent de Paul, St. worked and gave prodigiously of himself to poor. [Christian Hagiog.: Attwater, 337]
  26. widow’s mite poor woman’s contribution of all she had. [N.T.: Mark, 12: 42–44; Luke 21:2–4]