Gambling Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Gambling

  1. Atlantic City New Jersey city has become the Las Vegas of the East. [Am. Hist.: Misc.]
  2. Balibari, Chevalier de professional gambler and adventurer. [Br. Lit.: Barry Lyndon]
  3. Beaujeu, Monsieur de known for his betting. [Br. Lit.: Fortunes of Nigel]
  4. Bet-a-million Gates wealthy American industrialist John Warne Gates (1855–1911). [Am. Culture: Misc.]
  5. Brady, “Diamond Jim” (1856–1917) diamond-attired rail magnate and financier who loved to gamble. [Am. Hist.: Payton, 192]
  6. Camptown Races Foster’s ode to betting. [Pop. Music: Van Doren, 192]
  7. Cincinnati Kid, the “one of the shrewdist gamblers east of the Mississippi.” [Cinema: Halliwell, 462]
  8. Clonbrony, Lord absentee landlord is compulsive gambler. [Br. Lit.: The Absentee]
  9. Consus ancient Roman god of horse-racing and counsel. [Rom. Myth.: Zimmerman, 68]
  10. Detroit, Nathan his obsession with crap games so persistent that it even keeps him from getting married. [Musical Comedy: Damon Runyon Guys and Dolls in On Stage, 322]
  11. devil’s bones epithet for dice. [Folklore: Jobes, 436]
  12. Google, Barney hopelessly in love with the ponies. [Comics: Horn, 99–100]
  13. Ivanovich, Alexei irrevocably drawn to betting tables. [Russ. Lit.: The Gambler]
  14. Las Vegas city in Nevada notorious for its gambling casinos since 1945. [Am. Hist.: Payton, 382]
  15. Lucky, Mr. alias Joe Adams, gambler who owns the Fortuna, fancy supper club and gambling yacht. [TV: Terrace, II, 117]
  16. Maverick family name of two brothers, Bret and Bait; self-centered and untrustworthy gentlemen gamblers. [TV: Terrace, II, 80]
  17. Minnie plays poker to save Jack Johnson’s life. [Ital. Opera: Puccini, Girl of the Golden West, Westerman, 361]
  18. Monte Carlo town in Monaco principality, in southeast France; a famous gambling resort. [Fr. Hist.: NCE, 1819]
  19. Mutt and Jeff hapless punters always looking for a quick buck. [Comics: Horn, 508–509]
  20. Pit, the Board of Trade’s cellar, where all bidding occurs. [Am. Lit.: The Pit. Magill I, 756–758]
  21. Queen of Spades, The Aleksandr Pushkin’s short story about the downfall of the gambler Germann. [Russ. Lit.: Benét, 833]
  22. Smiley, Jim bets his frog can outjump any other; loses by sabotage. [Am. Lit.: The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County]