Fire Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Fire

  1. Agni intermediary of the gods through sacrificial fire. [Hindu Myth.: Parrinder, 12]
  2. Armida sorceress sets fire to her own palace when it is threatened by the Crusaders. [Ital. Lit.: Jerusalem Delivered (Gerusalemme Liberata); in Benét, 391]
  3. burning bush form taken by the Angel of the Lord to speak to Moses. [O.T.: Exodus 3:2-3]
  4. Caca goddess of the hearth. [Rom. Myth.: Kravitz, 49]
  5. Dactyli introduced fire to Crete. [Gk. Myth.: Kravitz, 74]
  6. Etticoat, Little Nancy candle personified: longer she stands, shorter she grows. [Nurs. Rhyme: Mother Goose, 39]
  7. Fahrenheit 451 in an America of the future the fireman’s job is to burn all books that have been concealed from authorities. [Am. Lit.: Bradbury Fahrenheit 451 in Weiss, 289]
  8. Florian miraculously extinguished conflagration; popularly invoked against combustion. [Christian Hagiog.: Hall, 126]
  9. Great Chicago Fire destroyed much of Chicago; it was supposedly started when Mrs. O’Leary’s cow kicked over a lantern (1871). [Am. Hist.: Payton, 141]
  10. Hephaestus Prometheus’ kinsman and the god of fire. [Gk. Lit.: Prometheus Bound, Magill I, 786–788]
  11. lucifer kitchen match; from Lucifer, fallen archangel. [Br. Folklore: Espy, 66]
  12. Phlegethon river of liquid fire in Hades. [Gk. Myth.: Brewer Dictionary, 699]
  13. Phoenix fabulous bird that consumes itself by fire every five hundred years and rises renewed from the ashes. [Arab Myth.: Brewer Dictionary, 699]
  14. Polycarp, St. sentenced to immolation, flames unscathingly ensheathed him. [Christian Hagiog.: Attwater, 290]
  15. Prometheus Titan who stole fire from Olympus and gave it to man. [Gk. Myth.: Payton, 546]
  16. salamander flame-dwelling spirit in Rosicrucian philosophy. [Medieval Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 956]
  17. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego walk unscathed in the fire of the furnace into which Nebuchadnezzar has them thrown. [O. T.: Daniel 3:21-27]
  18. Smokey the Bear warns “only you can prevent forest fires.” [Am. Pop. Cult.: Misc.]
  19. Taberah Israelite camp scorched by angry Jehovah. [O.T.: Numbers 11:1–3]
  20. Topheth where parents immolated children to god, Moloch. [O.T.: II Kings 23:10; Jeremiah 7:31–32]
  21. Vesta virgin goddess of hearth; custodian of sacred fire. [Rom. Myth.: Brewer Dictionary, 1127]
  22. Vulcan blacksmith of gods; personification of fire. [Art: Hall, 128]