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  1. Bayreuth since 1876, international center for Wagner’s operas. [Opera Hist.: Thompson, 165]
  2. Berkshire Music Festival (Tanglewood) summer home of Boston Symphony since 1934. [Music Hist.: Thompson, 202–203]
  3. Edinburgh Festival internationally famous arts celebration since 1947. [Music Hist.: Thompson, 617]
  4. Eisteddfod ancient congress of bards, still held annually in Wales. [Music Hist.: Benét, 305]
  5. Festival of the Two Worlds (Spoleto Festival) founded in 1958 by Gian-Carlo Menotti and held annually in Spoleto, Italy. [Music Hist.: NCE, 2599]
  6. Glyndebourne Festivals annual operatic events held in Sussex, England since 1934. [Music Hist.: NCE, 1097]
  7. Newport Jazz Festival annual summer jazz celebration. [Am. Mus.: NCE, 1927]
  8. Woodstock 300,000 rock music fans attended this festival held near Bethel, N.Y. (August 16, 1969). [Am. Music Hist.: EB, X: 741]

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