Fads Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Fads

  1. Barbie doll popular dress-up doll; extremely conventional and feminine. [Am. Hist.: Sann, 179]
  2. Beatle cut hairstyle with bangs, sides trimmed just below ears; banned by many school boards (1960s). [Am Hist.: Sann, 251–254]
  3. bee-stung lips ruby red and puckered female mouth make-up (1920s). [Am. Hist.: Griffith, 198]
  4. bobbed hair short, curly boyish hairstyle caused shock (1920s). [Am. Hist.: Griffith, 198]
  5. bobby socks female short socks that epitomized 1940s teen fashion. [Am. Cult.: Misc.]
  6. car-stuffing one example: 23 people stuffed in a Volkswagen bug. (1950s—1960s). [Am. Hist.: Sann, 300]
  7. chain letters at height in 1930s, craze crippled postal service. [Am. Hist.: Sann, 97–104]
  8. coonskin caps raccoon cap with tail worn in recognition of Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone revival (1950s). [Am. Hist.: Sann, 30]
  9. flagpole sitting sitting alone at the top of a flagpole; craze comes and goes. [Am. Hist.: Sann, 39–46]
  10. frisbees tossing plastic disks was favorite pastime, especially among collegians (1970s). [Am. Hist.: Sann, 178]
  11. gold fish-swallowing collegiate craze in 1930s. [Am. Hist.: Sann, 289–292]
  12. hip-flask liquor bottle designed to fit into back pockets; indispensable commodity during Prohibition. [Am. Hist.: Allen, 70]
  13. hula hoops large plastic hoops revolved around body by hip action (1950s). [Am. Hist.: Sann, 145–149]
  14. Kewpie doll designed by Rose O’Neill and modeled on her baby brother; millions were made (starting about 1910). [Am. Hist.: WB, 5: 240–241]
  15. marathon dancing dance contests, the longest of which lasted 24 weeks and 5 days (1930s). [Am. Hist.: McWhirter, 461]
  16. marathon eating contestants consume ridiculous quantities of food; craze comes and goes. [Am. Hist.: Sann, 77–78]
  17. miniskirt skirts hemmed at mid-thigh or higher; heyday of the leg in fashion world (1960s). [Am. Hist.: Sann, 255–263]
  18. mud baths warm mud applied on skin supposedly to retain fresh, young complexion (1940s). [Am. Hist.: Griffith, 198]
  19. panty raids collegiate craze in the 1940s and 1950s. [Am. Hist.: Misc.]
  20. raccoon coats popular attire for collegians (1920s). [Am. Hist.: Sann, 175]
  21. rolled stockings worn by flappers to achieve risque effect (1920s). [Am. Hist.: Griffith, 198]
  22. saddle shoes an oxford, usually white, with a saddle of contrasting color, usually brown; a favorite fad of the 1940s and 1950s. [Am. Pop. Culture: Misc.]
  23. Silly Putty synthetic clay; uses ranging from bouncing balls to false mustaches. [Am. Hist.: Sann, 165]
  24. skateboards mini surfboard supported on roller-skate wheels; 1960s craze enjoyed renaissance. [Am. Hist.: Sann, 151–152]
  25. telephone booth-stuffing bodies piled on top of one another inside a telephone booth; 1950s and 1960s craze. [Am. Hist.: Sann, 297]
  26. tulipomania tulip craze in Holland during which fortunes were lost. [Eur. Hist.: WB, 19: 394]
  27. yo-yo child’s toy that periodically overwhelms public’s fancy. [Am. Hist.: Sann, 173]
  28. zoot suits bizarre outfits with the “reet pleats” (1940s). [Am. Hist.: Sann, 275]