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  1. Balboa, Vasco Nuñez de (1475–1517) discovered the Pacific Ocean. [Sp. Hist.: Benét, 75]
  2. Columbus, Christopher (1446–1506) expeditions to West Indies, South and Central America; said to have discovered America in 1492. [Ital. Hist.: Jameson, 107–108]
  3. de Soto, Hernando (c. 1500–1542) discovered the Mississippi River. [Sp. Hist.: Benét, 266]
  4. Enterprise starship on 5-year mission to explore space. [Am. TV: Star Trek in Terrace]
  5. Gama, Vasco da (c. 1460–1524) navigator who discovered route around Africa to India. [Port. Hist.: NCE, 1040]
  6. Golden Hind ship on which Sir Francis Drake (1540–1596) became the first Englishman to sail around the world. [Br. Hist.: EB (1963) VII, 575]
  7. Hudson, Henry seeking a northwest passage to the Orient, in 1609 he explored the river later named for him. [Am. Hist.: Benét, 482]
  8. Journey to the Center of the Earth expedition through the core of a volcano to the earth’s center. [Fr. Lit.: Verne A Journey to the Center of the Earth in Benét, 1055]
  9. Lewis and Clark Expedition proved feasibility of overland route to the Pacific. [Am. Hist.: Benét, 583]
  10. Polo, Marco (1254–1324) Venetian traveler in China. [Ital. Hist.: NCE, 1695]
  11. Ponce de Leon, Juan (c. 1460–1521) seeking the “fountain of youth,” he discovered Florida and explored its coast. [Sp. Hist.: Benét, 802]