Eroticism Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Eroticism

  1. Aphrodite novel of Alexandrian manners by Pierre Louys. [Fr. Lit.: Benét, 783]
  2. Ars Amatoria Ovid’s treatise on lovemaking. [Rom. Lit.: Magill IV, 45]
  3. Barbarella frequently semi-nude heroine of sexy French comicstrip. [Comics: Berger, 211]
  4. Daphnis and Chloë their idyll reconciles naïveté and sexual fulfillment. [Gk. Lit.: Magill I, 184]
  5. Delta of Venus stories of sexual adventure including incest, perversion, prostitution, etc. [Am. Lit.: Anaïs Nin Delta of Venus in Weiss, 124]
  6. Hill, Fanny narrator of Cleland’s 18th-century novel of erotic experiences. [Br. Lit.: Cleland Memoirs of Fanny Hill]
  7. Kama-Sutra detailed Hindu account of the art of lovemaking. [Ind. Lit.: Benét, 538]
  8. O a beautiful woman willing to undergo every form of sexual manipulation at the bidding of her lover. [Fr. Lit.: Pauline Reage The Story of 0 in Weiss, 445]
  9. Perfumed Garden, The Arabian manual of sexual activity. [Arab. Lit.: EB (1963) IV, 448]
  10. Playboy monthly magazine renowned for nude photographs. [Am. Pop. Cult.: Misc.]