Death Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Death

  1. Ah Puch deity of doom; represented as bloated corpse or skeleton. [Maya Myth.: Leach, 30]
  2. Ankou gaunt driver of spectral cart; collects the dead. [Brittany Folklore: Leach, 62]
  3. Anubis god and guardian of the dead. [Ancient Egyptian Rel.: Parrinder, 10]
  4. Arrow of Azrael angel of death’s way of summoning dead. [Islamic Myth.: Jobes, 129]
  5. As I Lay Dying Bundren family ordeal after Addie’s death. [Am. Lit.: Faulkner As I Lay Dying]
  6. asphodel flower bloom growing in Hades. [Gk. Myth.: Kravitz, 37]
  7. Atropos Fate who cuts thread of life. [Gk. and Rom. Myth.: Hall, 302]
  8. Azrael angel of death; separates the soul from the body. [Islamic Myth.: Walsh Classical, 41]
  9. banshee female specter, harbinger of death. [Irish and Welsh Myth.: Walsh Classical, 45]
  10. bell passing bell; rung to indicate demise. [Christian Tradition: Jobes, 198]
  11. black Western color for mourning. [Christian Color Symbolism: Leach, 242; Jobes, 357]
  12. Bodach Glas gray specter; equivalent to Irish banshee. [Scot. Myth.: Walsh Classical, 45]
  13. Bran god whose cauldron restored dead to life. [Welsh Myth.: Jobes, 241]
  14. Bury the Dead six dead soldiers cause a rebellion when they refuse to be buried. [Am. Drama: Haydn & Fuller, 768]
  15. Calvary (Golgotha) where Christ was crucified. [N.T.: Luke 23:33]
  16. Cer goddess of violent death. [Gk. Myth.: Kravitz, 75]
  17. Charun god of death. [Etruscan Myth.: Jobes, 315]
  18. Conqueror Worm the worm ultimately vanquishes man in grave. [Am. Lit.: “Ligeia” in Tales of Terror]
  19. Dance of Death Holbein woodcut, one of many medieval examples of the death motif. [Eur. Culture: Bishop, 363-367]
  20. danse macabre Dance of Death; procession of all on their way to the grave. [Art: Osborne, 299–300, 677]
  21. dust and ashes “I am become like dust and ashes.” [O.T.: Job 30:19]
  22. Endgame blind and chair-bound, Hamm learns that nearly everybody has died; his own parents are dying in separate trash cans. [Anglo-Fr. Drama: Beckett Endgame in Weiss, 143]
  23. Ereshkigal goddess of death; consort of Nergal. [Sumerian and Akkadian Myth.: Parrinder, 93]
  24. extreme unction Roman Catholic sacrament given to a person in danger of dying. [Christianity: RHD, 506]
  25. Gibbs, Emily dying in childbirth, welcomed by the other spirits in the graveyard, she tries to relive her twelfth birthday. [Am. Drama: Thornton Wilder Our Town in Benét, 747]
  26. Grim Reaper name given to personification of death. [Pop. Culture: Misc.]
  27. handful of earth symbol of mortality. [Folklore: Jobes, 486]
  28. horse symbol of agents of destruction. [Christian Tradition: N.T.: Revelation 6; Mercatante, 65]
  29. Ilyitch, Ivan afflicted with cancer, he becomes irritable, visits many doctors, gradually disintegrates, and dies almost friendless. [Russ. Lit.: Tolstoy The Death of Ivan Ilyitch in Magill III, 256]
  30. Kali Hindu goddess to whom Thug sacrificed victims. [Hinduism: Brewer Dictionary, 600]
  31. Krook rag dealer dies spectacularly and horribly of “spontaneous combustion.” [Br. Lit.: Dickens Bleak House]
  32. Lenore “saintly soul floats on the Stygian river.” [Am. Lit.: “Lenore” in Hart, 468]
  33. Lord of the Flies showing man’s consciousness and fear of dying. [Br. Lit.: Lord of the Flies]
  34. manes spirits of the dead. [Rom. Rel.: Leach, 672]
  35. Mania ancient Roman goddess of the dead. [Rom. Myth.: Zimmerman, 159]
  36. Niflheim dark, cold region to which were sent those who died of disease or old age. [Scand. Myth.: Brewer Dictionary 642]
  37. nightingale identified with mortality. [Animal Symbolism: Mercatante, 163]
  38. On Borrowed Time an old man chases “Death” up a tree and keeps him there until the old man is ready to die. [Am. Drama: Sobel, 517]
  39. pale horse fourth horse of Apocolypse, ridden by Death personified. [N.T.: Revelation 7:7–8]
  40. Pardoner’s Tale, The seeking to slay death, three rioters are told he is under a certain tree; there they find gold and kill each other over it. [Br. Lit.: Chaucer “The Pardoner’s Tale” in Canterbury Tales]
  41. Requiem religious mass (music or spoken) for the dead. [Christianity: Payton, 568]
  42. “Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The” when Death wins the toss of the dice, the two hundred crew members drop dead. [Br. Poetry: Coleridge “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”]
  43. Sacco Benedetto yellow robe worn going to the stake during Inquisition. [Span. Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 948]
  44. scythe carried by the personification of death, used to cut life short. [Art.: Hall, 276]
  45. skeleton visual representation of death. [Western Folklore: Cirlot, 298]
  46. skull representation of body’s dissolution. [Christian Symbolism: Appleton, 92]
  47. skull and crossbones symbolizing mortality; sign on poison bottles. [World Culture: Brewer Dictionary, 1009]
  48. Styx river which must be crossed to enter Hades. [Gk. Myth.: Howe, 259]
  49. Thanatos (Mors) god of death; brother of Somnos (sleep). [Gk. Myth.: Gayley, 54]
  50. Thoth record-keeper of the dead. [Egyptian Myth.: Leach, 1109]
  51. Valdemar, M. in hypnotic trance, recounts impressions from other side of death. [Am. Lit.: “The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar” in Portable Poe, 268–280]
  52. viaticum Eucharist given to one who is dying. [Christianity: Brewer Dictionary, 1128]