Deadliness Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Deadliness

  1. anaconda South American boa constrictor; longest and deadliest of its kind. [Zoology: NCE, 317]
  2. basilisk monstrous reptile; has fatal breath and glance. [Gk. Folklore: Jobes, 184]
  3. black widow spider poisonous spider; consumes her mate after mating. [Zoology: NCE, 308]
  4. boa constrictor largest of all snakes; squeezes its victims in a deadly grip. [Zoology: NCE, 317]
  5. cobra bite believed to mean certain death. [Folklore: Jobes, 352]
  6. copperhead deadly pit viper in eastern U.S. [Zoology: NCE, 652]
  7. coral snake its bite is deadly. [Zoology: NCE, 654]
  8. Gila monster small but venomous lizard found in U.S. desert. [Zoology: NCE, 1084]
  9. Humbaba one-eyed, fire- and plague-breathing monster whose eye could strike men dead. [Babyl. Myth.: Gilgamesh; Benét, 485]
  10. Hydra’s gall deadly; Hercules dipped his arrows in it. [Gk. and Rom. Myth.: Hall, 149]
  11. piranha South American carnivorous fish. [Zoology: EB, VIII: 1]
  12. Portuguese man-of-war a long tentacled jellyfish whose sting can be deadly. [Zoology: NCE, 1408]
  13. python nonvenomous jungle snake crushes its victims. [Zoology: NCE, 2252]
  14. rattlesnake venomous snake, often deadly. [Zoology: NCE, 2281]
  15. shark large and ferocious fish, sometimes man-eating. [Zoology: NCE, 2493]
  16. tarantula spider with a deadly venom. [Zoology: NCE, 2695]
  17. upas Asian and East Indian tree juice, extremely poisonous. [Eur. Myth.: Brewer Dictionary, 926]
  18. viper (or adder) poisonous snake family; puff adder is deadliest of all. [Zoology: NCE, 2898]
  19. water moccasin (also cottonmouth) highly poisonous snake found in southern U.S. [Zoology: NCE, 2490]