Dance Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Dance

  1. Carmichael, Essie untalented girl who goes into her ballet routine with little or no encouragement. [Am. Drama: Kaufman and Hart You Can’t Take It with You in Hart, 955]
  2. Esmerelda gypsy girl whose street dancing captivates onlookers. [Fr. Lit.: Victor Hugo The Hunchback of Notre Dame]
  3. “Red Shoes, The” bewitched shoes force Karen to dance unceasingly. [Danish Lit.: Andersen “The Red Shoes” in Magill II, 27]
  4. Rockettes precision dancers; a fixture at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. [Am. Dance: Payton, 576]
  5. Roseland Ballroom New York dance hall. [Pop. Culture: Misc.]
  6. Salome danced to obtain head of John the Baptist. [N.T.: Matthew 14:6–11]
  7. St. Denis, Ruth, and Ted Shawn (1877–1968) (1891–1972) husband-and-wife team, founders of Denishawn dance schools. [Am. Dance: NCE, 2395]
  8. Terpsichore muse of dancing. [Gk. Myth.: Brewer Dictionary, 849]
  9. Vitus, St. patron saint of dancers. [Christian Hagiog: Saints and Festivals, 291]
  10. Ziegfeld Follies beautiful dancing girls highlighted annual musical revue on Broadway (1907–1931). [Am. Theater: NCE, 3045]