Creation Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Creation

  1. Adam and Eve first man and woman. [O.T.: Genesis 1:26, 2:21–25]
  2. Allah made man from flowing blood. [Islam: Koran, 96:2]
  3. Apsu primeval waters, origin of all things. [Babyl. Myth.: Leach, 68]
  4. Aruru goddess pinched man, Enkidu out of clay. [Assyrian Myth.: Gaster, 9, Babyl. Myth.: Gilgamesh]
  5. Askr first man; created from ash tree. [Norse Myth.: Benét, 58]
  6. Ea made man from primordial ocean clay. [Babyl. Myth.: Gaster, 9]
  7. Embla first woman on earth. [Norse Myth.: Benét, 58]
  8. Frankenstein’s monster living man created by a physiology student from body parts. [Br. Lit.: Mary Shelley Frankenstein]
  9. Genesis Old Testament book dealing with world’s creation. [O.T.: Genesis]
  10. God created the world in six days. [O.T.: Genesis 1]
  11. the Hatchery mass produces everything, including human beings. [Br. Lit.: Brave New World]
  12. Khnum ram god, created man from clay on potter’s wheel. [Egypt. Rel.: Parrinder, 155]
  13. Prometheus molded man of clay, animated him with fire. [Gk. Myth.: Wheeler, 304]
  14. Shiva Lord of creation; danced to begin life. [Hinduism: Binder, 23]
  15. Star Maker, the the creator and destroyer of the universe, depicted primarily as an artist detached from it. [Sci. FL: Stapledon Star Maker in Weiss, 248]
  16. Tocupacha molded man from clay. [Aztec Myth.: Gaster, 18]