Cooperation Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Cooperation

  1. Achaean League federation of Greek cities formed in 280 B.C. to resist Macedonian domination. [Gk. Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 6]
  2. Allies, the 1. in World War I, nations, initially Russia, France, and Great Britain, allied against the Central Powers. 2. in World War II, those allied against the Axis, including Great Britain, Russia, and U.S. [Eur. Hist.: Collier’s, VIII, 457]
  3. Axis in World War II, the affiance of Germany, Italy, Japan, etc., opposing the Allies. [Eur. Hist.: Collier’s, VIII, 457]
  4. Central Powers in World War I, the alliance of Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, and Turkey. [Eur. Hist.: NCE, 493]
  5. Common Market association of western European countries designed to facilitate free trade among members. [Eur. Hist.: EB, III: 1001]
  6. Confederacy the eleven Southern states that seceded from the U.S. and banded together. [Am. Hist.: NCE, 623]
  7. Entente Cordiale agreement between Great Britain and France to settle their disagreements over colonies as diplomatic partners. [Eur. Hist.: WB, 21: 367]
  8. Helsinki accord agreement between Soviet bloc and the West for economic, commercial, and scientific cooperation and for respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms. [World Hist.: News Directory (1977), 177–179]
  9. League of Nations world organization for international cooperation. [World Hist.: EB, 6: 102]
  10. NATO free-world mutual security pact against Soviet bloc. [World Hist.: Van Doren, 520]
  11. Nazi-Soviet Pact nonaggression treaty freed Hitler to invade Poland. [Ger. Hist.: Shirer, 685–705]
  12. OPEC cartel of nations whose economic livelihood depends upon the export of petroleum. [World Hist.: WB, 14: 646]
  13. Pact of Steel German-Italian treaty established common cause in future undertakings. [Eur. Hist.: Shirer, 646–648]
  14. Potsdam Conference unconditional Japanese surrender demanded; war crimes trials planned (July, 1945). [World Hist.: Van Doren, 507]
  15. SEATO organization formed to assure protection against communist expansion in Southeast Asia (1955–1976). [World Hist.: EB, IX: 377]
  16. Tinker to Evers to Chance legendary baseball double-play combination (1902–1910). [Am. Sports: Turkin, 474]
  17. Triple Entente association among Great Britain, France, and Russia; nucleus of the Allied Coalition in WWI. [World Hist.: EB, 10: 128]
  18. United Nations world organization for international discussion and peacekeeping. [World Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 1116]
  19. Yalta Conference Allies developed plan for reconstruction of Europe (February, 1945). [World Hist.: Van Doren, 504]