Controversy (See also Scandal.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Controversy (See also Scandal.)

  1. Avignon location of alternate papacy (1309–1377). [Fr. Hist.: Bishop, 376]
  2. Birth of a Nation, The film elicits emotional response (1915). [Am. Cinema: Griffith, 36–39]
  3. Chicago 8 trial alleged ringleaders of Chicago riots tried in circus atmosphere (1969). [Am. Hist.: Van Doren, 630]
  4. Drell Scott decision Supreme Court decision concerning freedom of slaves (1857). [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 151–152]
  5. Origin of Species, The once revolutionary theory of evolution and natural selection (1859). [Br. Science: The Origin of Species]
  6. Pentagon Papers Defense Department’s Vietnam policy papers leaked to press. [Am. Hist.: Flexner, 376]
  7. Rite of Spring, The Stravinsky’s score caused riot at premiere (1913). [Music Hist.: Thompson, 1900]
  8. Sacco and Vanzetti (Nicola, 1891–1927) (Bartolomeo, 1888–1927) Italian immigrants tried and executed for murder in witch-hunt for anarchists. [Am. Hist.: Sacco-Vanzetti Case: A Transcript]
  9. Scopes trial concerning the teaching of evolution in public schools (1925). [Am. Hist.: Allen, 142–146]
  10. Scottsboro Case cause célèbre concerning nine Negro men, two white girls (1931). [Am. Hist.: Hart, 753]
  11. scrap of paper pre-WWI Belgian neutrality; German disregard precipitated British involvement. [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 450]
  12. Stamp Act legislative development contributing to American Revolution (1765). [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 475]
  13. Tonkin Gulf disputed N. Vietnamese attacks escalated U.S. war effort (1964). [Am. Hist.: Van Doren, 595]
  14. Warren Report government’s much disputed conclusion that President Kennedy’s assassin acted alone. [Am. Hist.: Van Doren, 594]