Chivalry Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Chivalry

  1. Amadis of Gaul personification of chivalric ideals: valor, purity, fidelity. [Span. Lit.: Benét, 27]
  2. Arthur, King king of England; head of the Round Table. [Br. Lit.: Le Morte d’Arthur]
  3. Bevis chivalrous medieval knight, righting wrongs in Europe. [Br. Lit.: Bevis of Hampton]
  4. Book of the Courtier Castiglione’s discussion of the manners of the perfect courtier (1528). [Ital. Lit.: EB, II: 622]
  5. Calidore, Sir personification of courtesy and chivalrous actions. [Br. Lit.: Faerie Queene]
  6. Camelot capital of King Arthur’s realm, evokes the romance of knightly activity. [Br. Legend: Collier’s IV, 224]
  7. Cid, El Spanish military leader who becomes a national hero through chivalrous exploits. [Span. Lit.: Song of the Cid]
  8. Courtenay, Miles dashing and chivalrous Irishman. [Br. Lit.: King Noanett, Walsh Modern, 108]
  9. Coverley, Sir Roger de ideal, early 18th-century squire. [Br. Lit.: “Spectator” in Wheeler, 85]
  10. D’Artagnan Dumas’s ever-popular chivalrous character. [Fr. Lit.: The Three Musketeers]
  11. Dantes, Edmond chivalrous adventurer. [Fr. Lit.: Count of Monte-Cristo]
  12. Edward III, King when a countess dropped her garter, he put it on to reproach the sniggering courtiers, and instituted the Order of the Garter. [Br. Legend: Benét, 383]
  13. Eglamour, Sir “a knight well-spoken, neat, and fine.” [Br. Lit.: Two Gentlemen of Verona]
  14. Galahad, Sir gallant, chivalrous knight of the Round Table. [Br. Lit.: Le Morte d’Arthur]
  15. Gareth knight who, though Lynette scorns him as only a kitchen hand, successfully accomplishes rescuing her sister. [Br. Poetry: Tennyson Idylls of the King]
  16. Gawain, Sir King Arthur’s nephew; model of knightly perfection and chivalry. [Br. Lit.: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight]
  17. Ivanhoe the epitome of chivalric novels. [Br. Lit.: Ivanhoe]
  18. Knights Templars protected pilgrims to the Holy Land and fought the Saracens. [Medieval Hist.: NCE, 1490]
  19. Knights of the Round Table chivalrous knights in King Arthur’s reign. [Br. Lit.: Le Morte d’Arthur]
  20. Lancelot, Sir knight in King Arthur’s realm; model of chivalry. [Br. Lit.: Le Morte d’Arthur]
  21. Morte d’Arthur, Le monumental work of chivalric romance. [Br. Lit.: Le Morte d’Arthur]
  22. Orlando gallant and steadfast hero of medieval romance. [Ital. Lit.: Orlando Furioso; Orlando Inammorato; Morgante Maggiore]
  23. Quixote, Don knight-errant ready to rescue distressed damsels. [Span. Lit.: Don Quixote]
  24. Raleigh, Sir Walter drops his cloak over a puddle to save Queen Elizabeth from wetting her feet. [Br. Lit.: Scott Kenilworth in Magill I, 469]
  25. Richard the Lion-Hearted (1159–1199) king known for his gallantry and prowess. [Br. Hist.: EB, 15: 827]
  26. Roland paragon of chivalry; unyielding warrior in Charlemagne legends. [Fr. Lit.: Song of Roland]
  27. sweet william symbolizes chivalry. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 181]
  28. Valiant, Prince comic strip character epitomizes chivalry. [Comics: Horn, 565]