Butler (See also Servant.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Butler (See also Servant.)

  1. Balderstone, Caleb archetypal faithful servant of the Ravens-woods. [Br. Lit.: Bride of Lammermoor]
  2. Bunter Lord Peter Wimsey’s foil and jack-of-all-trades. [Br. Lit.: The Nine Tailors]
  3. Crichton resourceful servant proves more than equal to his employers when household is marooned. [Br. Lit.: The Admirable Crichton]
  4. Davy Justice Shallow’s varlet; assumes identity of master. [Br. Lit.: Henry IV]
  5. Face Lovewit’s house servant; connives to make profit by alchemy. [Br. Lit.: The Alchemist]
  6. French, Mr. gentleman’s gentleman for architect and motherless children. [TV: “Family Affair” in Terrace, I, 254]
  7. Godfrey when the impecunious socialite is hired as a butler, he and his mistress fall in love. [Am. Cinema: My Man Godfrey in Halliwell]
  8. Hudson, Mr. nostalgic, punctilious master of “downstairs.” [Br. TV: Upstairs, Downstairs]
  9. Jeeves manservant who frequently rescues his master. [Br. Lit.: novels of P. G. Wodehouse; Espy, 337]
  10. Lurch Addams’s zombielike, extremely tall butler. [TV: “The Addams Family” in Terrace, I, 29]
  11. Passepartout bungling foil to the punctilious Fogg. [Fr. Lit.: Around the World in Eighty Days]