Britain Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Britain

  1. Albion poetic name for England. [Br. Lit.: Benét, 19]
  2. beefeater yeoman of the English royal guard, esp. at the Tower of London; slang for Englishman. [Br. Culture: Misc.]
  3. Bull, John personification of Britain. [Br. Folklore: Benét, 45]
  4. Court of St. James’s British royal court. [Br. Hist.: Misc.]
  5. George, St. patron saint of Britain. [Br. Hist.: Golden Legend]
  6. God Save the Queen British national anthem. [Br. Culture: Scholes, 408]
  7. Nation of Shopkeepers name disdainfully given to Britain by Napoleon Bonaparte. [Fr. Hist.: Wheeler, 256]
  8. Rule Britannia! patriotic song of Britain. [Br. Culture: Scholes, 897–898]
  9. 10 Downing Street the British government; refers to location of Prime Minister’s residence [Br. Culture: Benét, 286]
  10. Union Jack British national flag. [Br. Culture: Misc.]
  11. Whitehall many government offices on this street; synonymous with government. [Br. Hist.: NCE, 2970]