Boredom (See also Futility.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Boredom (See also Futility.)

  1. Aldegonde, Lord St. bored nobleman, empty of pursuits. [Br. Lit.: Lothair]
  2. Baudelaire, Charles (1821–1867) French poet whose dissipated lifestyle led to inner despair. [Fr. Lit.: NCE, 248]
  3. Bovary, Emma housewife suffers from ennui. [Fr. Lit.: Madame Bovary]
  4. Des Esseintes, Jean in dissipation and isolation, develops morbid ennui. [Fr. Lit.: Against the Grain]
  5. Harthouse, James thorough gentleman, weary of everything. [Br. Lit.: Hard Times]
  6. Oblomov, Ilya Russian landowner; embodiment of physical and mental sloth. [Russ. Lit.: Oblomov]
  7. Povey, Constance Baines uneventful thoughts, marriage best described as routine. [Br. Lit.: The Old Wives’ Tale, Magill I, 684–686]