Ascension Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Ascension

  1. Assumption of Virgin Mary belief that Mary was assumed bodily into heaven. [Christian Tradition: NCE, 1709]
  2. crescent moon Mary often depicted standing on or above moon. [Christian Iconog.: Brewer Dictionary, 726]
  3. Elijah transported to heaven in fiery chariot. [O.T.: II Kings 2:11]
  4. Helen of Troy soars away into the air from the cave in which Menelaus left her. [Gk. Drama: Euripides Helen]
  5. Jesus Christ 40 days after Resurrection, ascended into heaven. [N.T.: Acts 1:1–11]
  6. Marguerite borne to heaven by angels. [Fr. Opera: Faust, Westerman, 183–185]
  7. mi’raj Muhammad’s night journey to paradise. [Islam: Leach, 731]
  8. Romulus taken to the heavens by Mars in a fiery chariot. [Rom. Myth: Brewer Dictionary, 775]
  9. stars, garland of emblem associated with the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. [Christian Iconog.: Jobes, 374]