Angel Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Angel

  1. Abaddon angel in charge of Sheol’s bottomless pit. [N.T.: Revelation 9:11; 20:1–3]
  2. Abdiel faithful seraph who withstood Satan when urged to revolt. [Br. Lit.: Paradise Lost]
  3. Arcade acquires knowledge of science, loses faith in God, and conspires to take over Heaven for Satan. [Fr. Lit.: The Revolt of the Angels in Magill I, 821]
  4. Azrael watches over the dying and takes the soul; will himself be the last to die. [Islamic Myth.: Brewer Dictionary, 60]
  5. cherubim four-winged, four-faced angels inspired Ezekiel to carry God’s message to the people. [O.T.: Ezek. 1:15]
  6. Gabriel angel of the annunciation; tells Mary she will bear Christ child. [N.T.: Luke 1:26–38]
  7. guardian angel believed to protect a particular person. [Folklore: Misc.]
  8. Jordan, Mr. heavenly messenger has to find a new body for a boxer who died before his earthly time was up. [Am. Drama and Cinema: Here Comes Mr. Jordan]
  9. Lucifer archangel; Satan’s name before his fall from Heaven. [Christian Hagiog.: Collier’s, XII, 143]
  10. Michael leader of angels against Satan. [N.T.: Revelation 12:7–9; Br. Lit.: Paradise Lost]
  11. Raphael God’s healer and helper in Book of Tobit. [Apocrypha: Tobit]
  12. seraphim six-winged angels of the highest order, distinguished by their zeal and love. [O.T.: Isaiah 6:2; Benét, 915]
  13. Uriel sent by God to instruct prophet Esdras. [Apocrypha: II Esdras 4]
  14. Zadkiel angel of the planet Jupiter. [Jew. Myth.: Brewer Handbook, 1237]