Acting Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Acting

  1. Berma great actress, whom the narrator sees in her prime and in her decline. [Fr. Lit.: Proust Remembrance of Things Past, in Benét, 99]
  2. Meeber, Carrie small-town girl finds work on chorus line and matures into a successful actress. [Am. Lit.: Sister Carrie in Magill I, 895]
  3. Players, the acting troupe employed by Hamlet. [Br. Drama: Shakespeare Hamlet]
  4. Thespis first individual Greek performer; whence thespian. [Gk. Drama: Espy, 46]
  5. Trelawny, Rose young actress sees married life as dull and returns to the stage. [Br. Drama: Arthur Wing Pinero Trelawny of the “Wells” in Benét, 1022]
  6. Vitus, St. patron saint of actors. [Christian Hagiog.: Brewster, 291]
  7. Woffington, Peg married and unmarried men admire her stage talents and fall in love with her. [Br. Lit.: Peg Woffington in Magill I, 724]