Water Engineering & Management 2000 - Abstracts

Water Engineering & Management 2000
Accurate polymer feed system reduces time and cost for sludge dewatering.Environmental services industryKruzick, Tom
Administration wants to curb MTBE.Environmental services industry 
Advanced bulk water market to reach $881 million by 2000.Environmental services industry 
Aeration technology adds productivity, saves money during contamination clean-up.Environmental services industry 
Aerators stop odors in Chicago.Environmental services industry 
A look back/ahead.Environmental services industrySwichtenberg, Bill
A new look at disinfection by-products in drinking water.Environmental services industryMarhaba, Taha F.
Angle-seat valve system.Environmental services industry 
Arsenic deadline remains despite uncertainties.Environmental services industryGray, Robert
Automating the sludge pumping/polymer metering system.Environmental services industryFollest, Ted
Automation software.Environmental services industry 
AWWA demands full disclosure on bottled water contaminants.Environmental services industry 
Balancing act: small community water supplier mulls affordable corrosion control with pleasing aesthetics.Environmental services industryLeitch, Robert A.
Bulk bag unloader, flexible conveyor improve filtration effectiveness at winery.Environmental services industry 
Changes made in notification regulations.Environmental services industryGray, Robert
City of Hollywood revises industrial pretreatment program.Environmental services industryBloetscher, Frederick, Meday-Futo, Lisa, Van Cott, Whitifield R., Fergan, Robert
Civil engineering firm designs marine laboratory.Environmental services industry 
Committee bill ready for floor action.Environmental services industryGray, Robert
Compact, light-utility trencher.Environmental services industry 
Company eases the work flow with a process calibrator.Environmental services industry 
Company rehabs trunk sewer while rerouting 12 mgd of sewage flow.Environmental services industry 
Compound costs of instrument inaccuracies.Environmental services industryPalmer, Tony
Conformance and improvement.Environmental services industrySwichtenberg, Bill
Controls save sinking systems at two wastewater treatment plants.Environmental services industry 
Cookie cutter? - Not!Environmental services industryAnfuso, Robert G.
Cooperation, communication and teamwork are key to project's success.Environmental services industryZimoch, Rebecca
Court backs EPA, states on nonpoint authority.Environmental services industryGray, Robert
Data collection stalls without good metering.Environmental services industry 
Density-driven convection wells clean up MTBE-contaminated site.Environmental services industry 
Energy-efficient retrofit saves electricity and money for wastewater plant.Environmental services industryPolaski, Joseph, Schmalz, Greg
EPA finalizes storm water rule.Environmental services industryGray, Robert
EPA issues proposed new rule on groundwater.Environmental services industryGray, Robert
EPA offers information resources.Environmental services industry 
EPA's rule on TMDLs comes under fire.Environmental services industry 
Facility combines two technologies, increases water quality.Environmental services industry 
Financing water/wastewater products and projects in the international markeplace.Environmental services industrySohn, Stephen
Food processor reaps benefits from change to dissolved air flotation clarification.Environmental services industry 
FRP linings in above-ground storage tanks.Environmental services industryHummel, Bob
Handheld data collector.Environmental services industry 
Hydrogen sulfide control.Environmental services industryPalmer, Tony, Lagasse, Paul, Ross, Maureen
Increase in water toxics called "blip".Environmental services industryGray, Robert
Innovative Virginia WWTP tries cost-effective phasd isolation ditches.Environmental services industryWinfree, Renee, Tatum, Ronnie
Isopolyester cover-up helps keep wastewater plant running.Environmental services industry 
Killer water industry Websites demysitified: an industry primer.Environmental services industryDysart, Joe
Largest U.S. seawater desalination plant coming to Tampa Bay.Environmental services industryBeebe, Andrea
Leak-detection alarm and locator.Environmental services industry 
Lime slurry: make-up process modeling techniques.Environmental services industryChen, Steve
Lowest arsenic level proposed.Environmental services industryGray, Robert
Making Yankee Doodle dandy: ground storage reservoir restoration.Environmental services industryZienty, Dan
Membrane filtration as an alternative: part 1.Environmental services industryLahlou, Mohamed
Membranes help Olympic organizers conserve water for the 'Green' games.Environmental services industry 
Modular cover stops algae, eliminates chemical usage.Environmental services industry 
One flew over the chicken coop: back-up plan adds value to facility delivery.Environmental services industryChristie, Joe
Open channel flow reporting improved and streamlined.Environmental services industry 
Oxygen deficiency detector.Environmental services industry 
Peaker plants pique water quality issue.Environmental services industryKucera, Dan
Pipe used in rehab of county sewer inceptions.Environmental services industry 
Precision tubing ensures purity of water filtration system.Environmental services industry 
Publishing company receives award.Environmental services industry 
Pumps give stormwater the shaft.Environmental services industry 
PVC gasketed sewer fitting.Environmental services industry 
Radar level gauge.Environmental services industry 
Rebutting fishable/swimmable stream use standards.Environmental services industryKucera, Dan
Renewing a leader brick by brick.Environmental services industrySwichtenberg, Bill
Restrictions on chlorine use expanded.Environmental services industry 
Sanitary district rises to the challenge.Environmental services industry 
Scientists help tackle pollution, climate change.Environmental services industry 
Shake, rattle & roll.Environmental services industrySchill, Jim
Smoke blower.Environmental services industry 
Software to help water engineers design water re-use network.Environmental services industry 
Surge suppression portects utility authority.Environmental services industry 
Tablet chlorination systems allow plants to meet stricter government/insurance regulations.Environmental services industry 
Teamwork provides water recovery/waste dehydration process success.Environmental services industryStarzecki, Andrew
Tensiometer monitors contaminant levels in the vadose zone.Environmental services industry 
TMDL battle continues on Capitol Hill.Environmental services industryGray, Robert
Updated sewage system gives tourists a lift.Environmental services industryCoombs, Cecil
Wastewater odor control: an evaluation of technologies.Environmental services industryHarshman, Vaughan, Barnette, Tony
Water and wastewater industries headed toward growth.Environmental services industry 
Water Campus treats wastewater to exceed drinking water standards.Environmental services industry 
Water district breaks ground on ultrafiltration unit.Environmental services industryGray, Robert
Water funds approved.Environmental services industryGray, Robert
Water quality deterioration in distribution systems.Environmental services industryO'Connor, Thomas L., O'Connor, John T.
Water quality impacts of long-term effluent disposal strategies in Southeast Florida.Environmental services industryCarr, Ghislaine B., Davis, Patrick A., Fergen, Robert E., Bloetscher, Frederick
Watershed reactions to forest practices studied.Environmental services industry 
Water storage tank fulfills water needs.Environmental services industry 
Water utility mixes technology and creativity for control and communications solution.Environmental services industryRossmiller, Roland, Moaveni, M. Cyrus
Website brings together buyers/sellers of commodity chemicals.Environmental services industry 
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