Urban Geography 2004 - Abstracts

Urban Geography 2004
Applicability of CITYgreen urban ecosystem analysis software to a densely built urban neighborhood.Sociology and social workLongcore, Travis, Li, Chritina, Wislon, John P.
Beyond gentrification: Mobilizing communities and claiming space.Sociology and social workFraser, James C.
Big sky or big scrawl? Rural gentrification and the changing cultural landscape of Missoula, Montana.Sociology and social workGhose, Rina
Brownfield sites in Minneapolis-St. Paul: the interwoven geographies of industrial disinvestment and environmental contamination.Sociology and social workBjelland, Mark D.
Canada-U.S. metropolitan density patterns: zonal convergence and divergence.Sociology and social workFilion, Pierre, McSpurren, Kathleen, Bunting, Trudi, Tse, Alan
Changes in the intrametropolitan location for producer services in Ile-de-France (1978-1997): Do information technologies promote a more dispersed spatial pattern?Sociology and social workBoiteux-Orain, Celine, Guillain, Rachel
Commentary-American dreams, American empires, American cities.Sociology and social workLatham, Alan
Commentary-lost in translation?Sociology and social workHubbard, Phil
Commentary: neoliberal landscapes of deception: Detroit, Ford Field, and the Ford Motor Company.Sociology and social workRoss, Bob, Mitchell, Don
Commentary-the accidental relevance of American urban geography.Sociology and social workWyly, Elvin K.
Commentary-Urban prospects.Sociology and social workMay, Geraldine
Commentary-writing cities against the grain.Sociology and social workPinder, David
Comparing traditional and spatial segregation measures: a spatial scale perspective.Sociology and social workWong, David W.S.
Digital divide in Internet use within the urban hierarchy: The case of South Korea.Sociology and social workJoo-Seong Hwang
Exploring metropolitan accessibility and urban structure.Sociology and social workHorner, Mark W.
Exploring regional firm-size structure in Canadian house building: Ontario, 1991 and 1996.Sociology and social workBuzzelli, Michael
From mail order to e-commerce: Competition, regulation, and politics of nonstore retailing in Germany.Sociology and social workAuyama, Yuko, Schwarz, Guido
In the tracks of comparative urbanism: Difference, urban modernity and the primitiveography.Sociology and social workRobinson, Jennifer
Legal logics of scale and racial consciousness in affirmative action jurisprudence.Sociology and social workForest, Benjamin
Localized effects of globalization: the case of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.Sociology and social workEsparza, Adrian X., Waldorf, Brigitte S., Chavez, Javier
Local labor market restructuring and the employment of welfare recipients in Los Angeles County.Sociology and social workDrayse, Mark H.
Multimedia and Internet business clusters in Central Tokyo.Sociology and social workNakamura, Hiroyuki, Arai, Yoshio, Sato, Hideto, Nakazawa, Takashi, Musha, Tadahiko, Sugizaki, Kazuhiro
New information and communication technologies and local clustering of firms: A case study of the Xingwang industrial park in Beijing.Sociology and social workWeidong Liu, Dicken, Peter, Yeung, Henry W.C.
Obituary.(Obituary)Sociology and social workBerry, Brian J.L.
On the waterfront: Globalization and urbanization in Singapore.Sociology and social workT.C. Chang, Huang, Shirlena, Savage, Victor R.
Partnerships and participitation: Reconfiguring urban governance in different state contexts.Sociology and social workElwood, Sarah
Postcolonialism and the American city.Sociology and social workDomosh, Mona
Racialized identities and the formation of black gangs in Los Angeles.Sociology and social workAlonso, Alejandro A.
Research in ethnic segregation I: Causal factors.Sociology and social workKaplan, David H., Woodhouse, Kathleen
Research note: toward an effective subcounty settlement classification: comparative density revisited.Sociology and social workCohen, Darryl T., Debbage, Keith G.
Situated electronic commerce: Toward a view as complement rather than substitute for offline commerce.Sociology and social workSteinfield, Charles
SMEs and the take-up of e-business.Sociology and social workTaylor, Michael, Murphy, Andrew
Spatial analysis of transactions using e-catalogs in public business-to-business electronic marketplaces by business model in Korea.Sociology and social workJi-Sun Choi
Spatial prescriptions and social realities: New urbanism and the production of Northwest Landing.Sociology and social workVeninga, Catherine
The gendered connection between ethnic residential and labor-market segregation in Los Angeles.Sociology and social workParks, Virginia
The gendered connection between ethnic residential and labor-market segregation in Los Angeles.Sociology and social workParks, Virginia
The impact of business-to-business electronic commerce on the dynamics of metropolitan spaces.Sociology and social workSam Ock Park
The North America city revisited: Urban quality of life in Canada and the United States.Sociology and social workZolnik, Edmund J.
The particularity of global places: placemaking practices in Los Angeles and Sydney.Sociology and social workHorvath, Ronald J.
The politics of mobility and business elites in Atlanta, Georgia.Sociology and social workHenderson, Jason
Toward a contingent urban neoliberalism.Sociology and social workWilson, David
Transurbanism.Sociology and social workThrift, Nigel
Urban geography, relevance, and resistance to the "Policy Turn".Sociology and social workImrie, Rob
Violence change and cohort trajectories: Baltimore neighborhood, 1990-2000.Sociology and social workHarries, Keith
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