Third World Quarterly 2006 - Abstracts

Third World Quarterly 2006
Accessing economic and social rights under neoliberalism: Gender and rights in Chile.International relationsGideon, Jasmine
Afghanistan: Out of the globalization mainstream?(Statistical data)International relationsRiphenburg, Carol J.
Afghanistan's transition: ISAF's stabilization role?(International Security Assistance Force)International relationsSaikal, Amin
Agency and space: The political impact of information technologies in the Gulf Arab states.International relationsMurphy, Emma C.
Autocratic opening to democracy: Why legitimacy matters.International relationsBurnell, Peter
Between civilization and barbarism: Creole interventions in international law.International relationsObregon, Liliana
Beyond state-building: Global governance and the crisis of the nation-state system in the 21st century.International relationsBerger, Mark T., Weber, Heloise
Beyond the American bubble: Does empire matter?International relationsPieterse, Jan Nederveen
Building and supporting PRSPs in Africa: What has worked well so far? What needs changing?(poverty reduction strategy paper)International relationsCheru, Fantu
Building the Tamil Eelam state: Emerging state institutions and forms of governance in LTTE controlled areas in Sri Lanka.(Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam)International relationsStokke, Kristian
Building women into peace: The international legal framework.International relationsChinkin, Christine, Charlesworth, Hilary
Business as unusual: What the Chavez era tells us about democracy under globalization.(Hugo Chavez)International relationsGibbs, Terry
Cargo cult science, armchair empiricism and the idea of violent conflict.International relationsKorf, Benedikt
Challenges to peace: Conflict resolution in the Great Lakes region of Africa.International relationsDaley, Patricia
Coalition economic policies in Iraq: Motivations and outcomes.(Statistical data)International relationsYousif, Bassam
Congo: From state collapse to 'absolutism', to state failure.International relationsReno, William
Constitutional engineering: What opportunities for the enhancement of gender rights?International relationsWaylen, Georgina
Counter-hegemonic international law: Rethinking human rights and development as a Third World strategy.International relationsRajagopal, Balakrishnan
Crossing borders: Development, learning and the North-South divide.International relationsMcFarlane, Colin
Defining morality: DFID and the Great Lakes.(Department for International Development )International relationsMarriage, Zoe
Demystifying democratization: The global constitution of (neo)liberal polities in Africa.International relationsAyers, Alison J.
Divergent politico-legal responses to past presidential corruption in Zambia and Kenya: Catching the 'big fish', or letting him off the hook?International relationsTaylor, Scott D.
East Timor's double life: Smells like Westphalian spirit.International relationsPhilpott, Simon
El Salvador: State-building before and after democratisation, 1980-95.International relationsStanley, William Deane
Exiled to a liminal legal zone: Are we all Palestinians now?International relationsKing-Irani, Laurie
From national development to 'growth with equity': Nation-building in Chile, 1950-2000.International relationsTaylor, Marcus
From nation-building to state-building: The geopolitics of development, the nation-state system and the changing global order.International relationsBerger, Mark T.
From the girl child to girls' rights.International relationsCroll, Elisabeth J.
Global governance campaigning and MDGs: From top-down to bottom-up anti-poverty work.(Millennium Development Goals )International relationsBond, Patrick
Globalization, the new US exceptionalism and the war on terror.International relationsPatman, Robert G.
Haiti: The saturnalia of emancipation and the vicissitudes of predatory rule.International relationsFatton, Robert, Jr.
Hindu women's property rights in India: A critical appraisal.International relationsPatel, Reena
Historical blocs and democratic impasse in the Philippines: 20 years after 'people power'.International relationsReid, Ben
Hylomorphism, complexity and development: Planner, artisan, or modern prince?International relationsParfitt, Trevor
'I heard it all before': Egyptian tales of law and development.International relationsShalakany, Amr
'Illegitimate' loans: Lenders, not borrowers, are responsible.International relationsHanlon, Joseph
Imperial powers and democratic imaginations.International relationsSlater, David
In search of the post-Washington (dis)consensus: the 'missing' content of PRSPS.(Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper)International relationsSumner, Andrew
International environmental law, water and the future.International relationsElver, Hilal
International law and the future.International relationsFalk, Richard
Iran's nuclear programme and the West.International relationsTarock, Adam
Iraq: The contradictions of exogenous state-building in historical perspective.International relationsDodge, Tony
Islamic politics, human rights and women's claims for equality in Iran.International relationsRazavi, Shahra
Is the rights focus the right focus? Nicaraguan responses to the rights agenda.International relationsBradshaw, Sarah
Legacies of Common Law: 'Crimes of honor' in India and Pakistan.International relationsBaxi, Pratiksha, Rai, Shirin M., Ali, Shaheen Sardar
'Mandela mania': Mainline churches in post-apartheid South Africa.(Nelson Mandela)International relationsBompani, Barbara
Misguided investments in meeting Millennium Development Goals: A reconsideration using ends-based targets.International relationsJames, Jeffrey
Mogadishu: an economy without a state.International relationsWebersik, Christian
Nation-building in the land of eternal counter-insurgency: Guatemala and the contradictions of the alliance for progress.International relationsStreeter, Stephen M.
Papua New Guinea at thirty: Late decolonisation and the political economy of nation-building.International relationsHawksley, Charles
Peace building and state-building in Afghanistan: Constructing sovereignty for whose security?International relationsRubin, Barnett R.
Political asylum and torture: A comparative analysis.International relationsSaid, Wadie E.
Post-1994 politics in Rwanda: Problematising 'liberation' and democratization.International relationsReyntjens, Filip
Post-liberalisation politics in Africa: Examining the political legacy of struggle.International relationsDorman, Sara Rich
Poverty, agency and resistance in the future of international law: An African perspective.International relationsOkafor, Obiora Chinedu
Private governance and the south: Lessons from global forest politics.International relationsPattberg, Philipp
Recreating the state.International relationsStevens, Jacqueline
Redirecting the revolution? The USA and the failure of nation-building in South Vietnam.International relationsLatham, Michael E.
Reintegration of ex-combatants and former fighters: A lens into state formation and citizenship in Namibia.International relationsMetsola, Lalli
Resistance in the age of empire: Occupied discourse pending investigation.International relationsNesiah, Vasuki
Revisiting equality as a right: The minimum age of marriage clause in the Nigerian Child Rights Act, 2003.International relationsToyo, Nkoyo
Rights and realities: Limits to women's rights and citizenship after 10 years of democracy in South Africa.International relationsHames, Mary
Ruling out gender equality? The Post-Cold War rule of law agenda in Sub-Saharan Africa.International relationsNyamu-Musembi, Celestine
Saving more than the children: The role of child-focused NGOs in the creation of Southern security norms.International relationsWatson, Alison M.S.
Stabilising Iraq's water supply: What the Euphrates and Tigris rivers can learn from the Indus.International relationsZawahri, Neda A.
Still training to torture? US training of military forces from Latin America.International relationsBlakeley, Ruth
The African 'Oil Rush' and US national security.International relationsKlare, Michael, Volman, Daniel
The capitalist conjuncture: Over-accumulation, financial crises, and the retreat from globalisation.International relationsBello, Walden
The civilized self and the barbaric other: Imperial delusions of order and the challenges of human security.International relationsMgbeoji, Ikechi
The Ethical Poverty Line: A moral quantification of absolute poverty.International relationsEdward, Peter
The evolution of international law: Colonial and postcolonial realities.International relationsAnghie, Antony
The Hamas victory: Shifting sands or major earthquake?International relationsZweiri, Mahjoob
The mountain Tsunami: Afterthoughts on the Kashmir earthquake.International relationsOzerdem, Alpaslan
The national or the social? Problems of nation-building in post-world war II Philippines.International relationsWeekley, Kathleen
The Pluralistic Momentum in Iran and the future of the reform movement.International relationsAdib-Moghaddam, Arshin
The road not taken: International aid's choice of Copenhagen over Beijing.International relationsEyben, Rosalind
The seductions of determinism in development theory: Foucault's functionalism.International relationsGraaff, Johann
Trojan Horses? USAID, counter-terrorism and Africa's police.(United States Agency for International Development)International relationsHills, Alice
Varieties and crises of neoliberal globalization: Argentina, Turkey and the IMF.International relationsOnis, Ziya
What may the 'Third World' expect from International Law?International relationsBaxi, Upendra
Why should Muslims abandon Jihad? Human rights and the future of international law.International relationsAn-Na'im, Abdullah Ahmed
Women's rights in the Muslim world: Reform or reconstruction?International relationsAkbarzadeh, Shahram, Barlow, Rebecca
WTO agriculture negotiations: Implications for the Global South.(World Trade Organization)International relationsClapp, Jennifer
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