The Woman CPA 1991 - Abstracts

The Woman CPA 1991
150 semester hours: the train has not left the station. (150 semester hours for the CPA exam)Women's issues/gender studiesMadison, Roland, Meonske, Norman
Accountants as change agents.Women's issues/gender studiesAkers, Michael D., Wiebe, Frank A.
Accounting department retreats.Women's issues/gender studiesGaffney, Mary Anne, Schwartz, Bill N.
Accounting education - time for a change? (Education)Women's issues/gender studiesJordan, Charles E., Henderson, James R.
A decision rule approach to minimum pension liability recognition under SFAS no. 87. (Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 87)Women's issues/gender studiesSpruill, Wanda G., Bossung, Sharon E.
A guide to analytical procedures. (accounting)Women's issues/gender studiesColbert, Janet L.
An international comparison of audit time-budget pressures: the United States and New Zealand.Women's issues/gender studiesCook, Ellen, Kelly, Timothy
Application of the zero defect concept to the auditing process.Women's issues/gender studiesBrannan, Rodger L., Busta, Bruce
A 'sleazy' way to improve your communication skills.Women's issues/gender studiesByrd, Sandra, Jones, Jacquelyn A.
A synthesis of research studies on the performance of male and female accounting students.Women's issues/gender studiesWilliams, Lowell K.
AWSCPA & ASWA: a 50 year perspective. (American Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants; American Society of Women Accountants)Women's issues/gender studiesCzaja, Sally, Czaja, Rita
By-product accounting in the extractive industries.Women's issues/gender studiesOrmsby, Susan, Cook, Doris M.
Cash recovery rates and profitability analysis. (includes related article on stability of cash recovery rates)Women's issues/gender studiesVolkan, Ara G., Rue, Joseph C.
Choices in personal computer technology.Women's issues/gender studiesJancura, Elise, Garceau, Linda
Communicate your way to success. (Robert Half Column) (column)Women's issues/gender studiesMessmer, Max
Dilution or delusion: a bias in the common stock equivalence test.Women's issues/gender studiesDudley, Lola Woodward
Expert systems for audit planning: strategies for local accounting firms.Women's issues/gender studiesLehman, Mark W., Malley, John C., Cassidy, Judith
Female accountants & association management companies: allies in need?Women's issues/gender studiesHayhow, David T.
Financial counseling: analysis of an underrated fringe benefit.Women's issues/gender studiesStrefeler, John M., Hilton, Jeanne M.
Gender biased language in accounting and business journals. (Gender Issues) (column)Women's issues/gender studiesHull, Rita P., Hicks, Donald W.
Independent accountant involvement with interim financial information.Women's issues/gender studiesBorgia, Carl R.
Learning style preferences and the prospective accountant: are there gender differences? (Gender Issues)Women's issues/gender studiesPushkin, Ann
Limited assurance engagements in the classroom. (Education) (column)Women's issues/gender studiesAlderman, C. Wayne, Colbert, Janet L., Tabor, Richard H.
Materiality guidelines for changes in accounting principles.Women's issues/gender studiesHenderson, James, Jordan, Charles, Gordon, Gus
Microcomputers in operating departments: controlling the risks.Women's issues/gender studiesPaxton, Bill
Positioning women as full partners.Women's issues/gender studiesParrish, Lillian C.
Present value of future work: is it zero?Women's issues/gender studiesDawkins, Sarah C., Thomas, Phylis L.
See Dick and Jane get creative: an introduction to some innovative financial instruments.Women's issues/gender studiesBorkowski, Susan C.
SFAS 87 - improvement in pension disclosure? (Statement of Financial Accounting Standards 87)Women's issues/gender studiesMerryman, Mary Ann
SFAS 96 will lead to changes in the format of accountants' workpapers. (Statement of Financial Accounting Standards 96)Women's issues/gender studiesHogan, Thomas J.
Small business: problems and opportunities for accounting firms.Women's issues/gender studiesSeville, Mary Alice, Gobeli, David H.
Student rating biases: are faculty fears justified?Women's issues/gender studiesHoltfreter, Robert E.
The changing profession: end of the small practitioner? (accounting)Women's issues/gender studiesAlbin, Marvin J., Crockett, James R.
The current status of the home office deduction.Women's issues/gender studiesHutton, Clifford E., Smith, Darlene A.
The educating of an accountant in Germany.Women's issues/gender studiesLammers, Lucille E., Demming, Claudia
Who understands audit reports?Women's issues/gender studiesZachry, Benny R.
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