The Woman CPA 1990 - Abstracts

The Woman CPA 1990
An understanding based alternative to "plain paper prohibitation." (preparing financial statements for privately owned entities without submitting a report)(includes related articles)Women's issues/gender studiesGutberlet, Louis G.
Audit risk assessment. (includes hypothetical example demonstrating the approach and interrelationships of auditing standards)Women's issues/gender studiesKonrath, Larry
Computer system costs: the rest of the story.Women's issues/gender studiesPenney, Brian
Continuing professional education for CPAs not in public practice: effect on the profession.Women's issues/gender studiesSinning, Kathleen E., Dykxhoorn, Hans J.
Does gender affect internal auditors' performance?Women's issues/gender studiesLarkin, Joseph M.
Expert systems; an important new technology for accountants.Women's issues/gender studiesJancura, Elise G.
Governmental accounting: the current and proposed governmental accounting models: a comparison.Women's issues/gender studiesBailey, Larry P., Leauby, Bruce
Governmental auditing. (auditing standards)Women's issues/gender studiesPumphrey, Lela D., Sparks, Karen
How to put employee empowerment into practice.Women's issues/gender studiesMessmer, Max
Improving professional quality: three proposals.Women's issues/gender studiesAinsworth, Penne
In our opinion ... ; a new audit report attempts to close the expectations gap. (analysis of Statement on Auditing Standards No. 58) (includes related article on the auditor's standard report)Women's issues/gender studiesThompson, James H., Lehman, Mark W.
L. A. accountant? (survey of high school students planning a career in accounting)Women's issues/gender studiesBacon, Leonard A., Melcher, Trini U., Greene, Scott
Managing work and family: the challenge. (column)Women's issues/gender studiesMichaels, Bonnie
Managing your own assets. (personnel management)Women's issues/gender studiesMessmer, Max
Measuring productivity: a look at what the coal mining industry does.Women's issues/gender studiesPhillips, Thomas J., Jr., Urbanowicz, Joseph J., Jr.
Microcomputers and their effect on auditing.Women's issues/gender studiesKing, Jerry, Lewis, Stanley, Abendschein, Judith
New opportunities, new directions. (women in accounting, banking, and finance)Women's issues/gender studiesKillinger, Lisa
New pension laws: problems or solutions?Women's issues/gender studiesBoyd, Nancy G., Dawkins, Sarah C.
'Perspectives on education' (paper from the chief executive officers of Big Eight firms)Women's issues/gender studiesMadison, Roland
Recent changes in the AICPA Code: what they mean for CPAs and clients. (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' Code of Professional Conduct)Women's issues/gender studiesBeets, S. Douglas, Martin, Dale R.
SFAS 87: what effect so far? (Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 87)Women's issues/gender studiesMerryman, Mary Ann
Should public opinion affect auditing standards? (Canada)Women's issues/gender studiesHooks, Karen L., Westerfield, Ellen K.
Some empirical evidence on the impact of the AICPA's mandatory continuing education requirements. (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants)Women's issues/gender studiesPlewa, Franklin J., Boes, Richard F., Ransom, G. Michael, Balsley, Ronald D.
The horse activity question: for fun or for profit?Women's issues/gender studiesDaughtrey, Zoel W., Bunn, Radie, Burckel, Daryl V.
The impact of the internal audit function on the auditor's consideration of the internal control structure.Women's issues/gender studiesPushkin, Ann B.
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