The Woman CPA 1989 - Abstracts

The Woman CPA 1989
A new track for women CPAs. (career cues)Women's issues/gender studiesMessmer, Max
Bittersweet spreadsheets: application development needs control.Women's issues/gender studiesGoss, Ernst, Dillon, Tom, Kendrick, Jackie
Booking your promises: accounting for postemployment benefits.Women's issues/gender studiesGrossman, Steven D., Flory, Steven M., Phillips, Thomas J., Jr.
Can you teach what you practice?Women's issues/gender studiesFrank, Gary B., Fisher, Steven A.
Exposure draft of the health care audit guide: changes accountants can expect.Women's issues/gender studiesPelfrey, Sandra, Theisen, Barbara A.
How much is known? (financial reporting of foreign operations by multi-national corporations)Women's issues/gender studiesGray, Dahli, Pfirman, Kathryn L.
Introducing...the power quintuplets: client power and auditor independence.Women's issues/gender studiesWilkerson, Jack E., Jr., Pasewark, William R.
Mum's the word! - or is it? (auditor's responsibility to report management misconduct to third-parties)Women's issues/gender studiesKennett, Danny L., Radig, William J.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained: an overview of venture capital.Women's issues/gender studiesPfeffer, Mary Graves
Positioning yourself: how to be in the right place at the right time.Women's issues/gender studiesKennedy, Marilyn Moats
Putting together a firm-wide MAS strategy. (management advisory services)Women's issues/gender studiesBremser, Wayne, Huang, Jiunn C.
Report of the joint committee to study the woman CPA.Women's issues/gender studiesParrish, Lillian C., Correnti, Maryann, Dodd, Peggy, Powelson, Gayle, Tang, Nancy
Sell, sell, sell. (practitioners' attitudes towards marketing and solicitation)Women's issues/gender studiesKreuze, Jerry G., Payne, Deborah D.
Sexual stereotyping in partnership decisions: the second stage. (Hopkins v. Price Waterhouse reaches the Supreme Court)Women's issues/gender studiesWeisel, Martha S.
Specialties - and more specialties: attitudes toward accreditation.Women's issues/gender studiesHolley, Charles L., Olds, Philip R.
Stress in AWSCPA members. (American Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants)Women's issues/gender studiesSmith, Kenneth J., Stewart, Barbara R., Everly, George S., Jr.
Taking the ESP out of EPS. (extra sensory perception, earnings per share)Women's issues/gender studiesLaughlin, Eugene J., Fox, Kenneth L.
The CPA gets audited: quality control/peer review gains acceptance.Women's issues/gender studiesObersteiner, Erich, Meier, Heide Hylton
The use of audit committees in hospitals.Women's issues/gender studiesWagner, Nancy A., O'Keefe, Herbert A., Bostwick, William J.
When it's double or nothing in assessing audit risk. (the relationship between reportable conditions and inherent risk factors)Women's issues/gender studiesColbert, Janet L.
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