The Woman CPA 1988 - Abstracts

The Woman CPA 1988
1938 - a significant year in accounting education.Women's issues/gender studiesFlesher, Dale L., Flesher, Tonya K.
Accounting for income taxes - the last fifty years.Women's issues/gender studiesTurner, Deborah H., Plunkett, Linda M.
A profile of women accountants - 1988.Women's issues/gender studiesJancura, Elise G.
Authoritative sources for governmental accounting principles.Women's issues/gender studiesBailey, Larry P.
Church accounting: is there only one way?Women's issues/gender studiesSwindle, Bruce, Burckel, Daryl V.
Deferred income taxes: a financial windfall?Women's issues/gender studiesEpaves, Richard A., Smith, Ephraim P.
Editors seek practice opportunities to complement editorial roles and academic backgrounds.Women's issues/gender studiesMadison, Roland L.
Female and male undergraduate accounting students: an investigation of academic performance in upper-level college accounting courses.Women's issues/gender studiesBristol, James T., Canlar, Mehmet
Future women accountants: the best and the brightest - or the most naive?Women's issues/gender studiesMarquette, R. Penny, Lieberman, Alvin
How do accountants cope with stress?Women's issues/gender studiesCampbell, Michael C., Sheridan, Joanne B., Campbell, Kathlenn Q.
Improving annual reports by improving the readability of footnotes. (Software Review) (evaluation)Women's issues/gender studiesSchroeder, Nicholas, Gibson, Charles
Risk management: balancing the costs: requiring insurance disclosure.Women's issues/gender studiesHolley, Charles L., Gurganus, Frankie
Specialization: the who, what, and where. (accountants)Women's issues/gender studiesGillett, John W., Hiltner, Arthur A.
Taxpayer record retention requirements.Women's issues/gender studiesWilliamson, Donald T., Marcum, Sue
TRPs: definition, responsibilities, penalties. (tax return preparers).Women's issues/gender studiesWhite, Thomas C., III, Plunkett, Linda M.
What are the sources and consequences of stress? Do men and women differ in their perceptions?Women's issues/gender studiesSenatra, Phillip
Why is public accounting stressful? Is it especially stressful for women?Women's issues/gender studiesPiccoli, Linda, Emig, James R., Hiltebeitel, Kenneth M.
Women at the partner level: what does the future hold?Women's issues/gender studiesBrown, Betty C., Meredith, Vicki B.
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