The Woman CPA 1987 - Abstracts

The Woman CPA 1987
Accounting theory and the CPA exam.Women's issues/gender studiesKilpatrick, William C., Bullis, Debra A.
A dilemma in the profession: should additional education beyond the baccalaureate degree be required?Women's issues/gender studiesTang, Nancy O'Rourke
An unconventional success profile. (the academic career of Ann Nuckols, second-highest graduate among the 1986 accounting graduates at Virginia Commonwealth University)Women's issues/gender studiesHull, Rita
Auditor independence: a problem to the profession and the public.Women's issues/gender studiesJordan, Charles E., Johnston, James G.
FASB's proposed statement of cash flows: its differential impact on companies and auditors. (Financial Accounting Standards Board)Women's issues/gender studiesKoh, Hian C., Collins, Karen M.
Faulkner's The Hamlet. (accounting in literature)Women's issues/gender studies 
Financial accounting disclosure dilemma illustrated: the case of U.S. multinational banks.Women's issues/gender studiesDuangploy, Orapin, Gray, Dahli
Implementation issues in accounting for software costs: theory and practice.Women's issues/gender studiesDugan, Michael T.
Initial audit staff training schools: should some audit experience come first?Women's issues/gender studiesKelley, Tim
Job satisfaction and intended turnover in the large CPA firm: differences by tenure, education, and sex.Women's issues/gender studiesBullen, Maria Lombardi, Martin, Lisa Cline
Mandatory continuing education: how do state accounting societies view this requirement?Women's issues/gender studiesNix, Dave E., Nix, Paul E.
Money - how much are you worth? (reprinted from Coast Communicator, published by the Orange County chapter of the American Society of Women Accountants)Women's issues/gender studiesOrr, S. Jeanne
Nonbusiness organizations: a very short course in reading a municipal balance sheet: How much surplus cash does the city have?Women's issues/gender studiesSeville, Mary Alice
Performing internal audits of intercollegiate athletics: a self-monitoring tool.Women's issues/gender studiesKilpatrick, Joyce C.
Personal earnings in the accounting profession: returns for alternative investments.Women's issues/gender studiesHadley, Lawrence, Rosenzweig, Kenneth
Practice monitoring. (public accounting)Women's issues/gender studiesHooks, Karen L.
Professional ethics and values of certified public accountants: are CPAs characteristic of today's society?Women's issues/gender studiesPhelps, Lonnie D., Swindle, Bruce, Broussard, Reuben
Rental of principal residence pending sale: Has Bolaris set a new precedent? (Bolaris v. Commissioner, 776 F.2d 1428 CA-9, 1985, USTC 9822, 56 AFTR2d 85-6472)Women's issues/gender studiesDaughtrey, Zoel W., Thomas, Paula B.
Sexual harassment in the workplace: accounting vs. general business.Women's issues/gender studiesSterner, Julie A., Yunker, Penelope J.
Stress management: an interview with Barbara Mackoff, author of Leaving the Office Behind. (interview following her deliverance of keynote address before the 46th annual meeting of the American Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants and the American Society of Women Accountants) (interview)Women's issues/gender studiesMadison, Roland L.
The accounting profession: in flux or in trouble? (text of a speech given at the 1987 ASWA Spring Conference) (transcript)Women's issues/gender studiesLabel, Wayne A.
The CPA and mandatory CPE. (certified public accountants and mandatory continuing professional education)Women's issues/gender studiesFlesher, Dale L., French, George Richard
The effects of joint allocation standards on nonprofit mailing strategies.Women's issues/gender studiesNitterhouse, Denise, Sharp, Florence Cowan
The new pension statement: guide to application.Women's issues/gender studiesMeans, Kathryn M.
Theory and practice: combining the efforts of internal and independent auditors: using EDP to maximize audit resources. (electronic data processing)Women's issues/gender studiesBoughton, Charles M.
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