The Woman CPA 1986 - Abstracts

The Woman CPA 1986
Accounting for pensions.Women's issues/gender studiesHooks, Karen L.
An introduction to dollar unit sampling: a modern, easy, efficient technique.Women's issues/gender studiesLeichti, Janet L.
An investigation into the effect of 'going concern' qualifications on the stock market.Women's issues/gender studiesBrown, Betty C., Levitan, Alan S.
Audit time budgets: a cost-benefit analysis. (scheduling and staffing an audit assignment)Women's issues/gender studiesKelley, Timothy, Seiler, Robert E.
Developing a career plan.Women's issues/gender studiesGreenberg, Ira S., Thibadoux, Greg M.
Financial planning: the emergence of a profession.Women's issues/gender studiesGulley, Charles D.
Forensic accounting.Women's issues/gender studiesGinner, Wanda W.
Grapevine politics: an office gold mine.Women's issues/gender studiesRoAne, Susan
Harmonization of accounting practices in the EEC.Women's issues/gender studiesMotekat, Ula K.
Home office deduction allowed for university professor.Women's issues/gender studiesEnsley, Chula G.
Integrating the microcomputer into managerial accounting classes: an experimental study.Women's issues/gender studiesHu, Michael Y., Saunders, Gary
Linking capabilities of commercially available microcomputer software.Women's issues/gender studiesCollins, J. Stephen
Management presentation.Women's issues/gender studiesGiallourakis, Michael C.
Managing PC growth: guidelines for good internal control. (electronic data processing audits using a personal computer)Women's issues/gender studiesBalsmeier, Phillip W., Letourneau, Angela
Microcomputers and data communications.Women's issues/gender studiesRaman, K.K., Copeland, Benny R., Garrison, Sharon
Negotiating computer sales contracts.Women's issues/gender studiesDay, William J.
Planning and supervision of an audit engagement under SAS No. 48.Women's issues/gender studiesThompson, James H., Waters, Gary L., Alderman, C. Wayne
Prospective financial statements.Women's issues/gender studiesRich, Anne J.
Remarks by Paula Chalmondeley, director, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. (transcript)Women's issues/gender studies 
Sexual stereotyping in promotion practices violates Title VII.Women's issues/gender studiesHutton, Clifford E., Tucker, Michael J., Bradley, Sheila M.
Should we junk the common stock equivalence test? Predictions versus conversions. (computing primary earnings per share)Women's issues/gender studiesDudley, Lola Woodard
SOP 85-1: implications for health care organizations.Women's issues/gender studiesRobbins, Walter A.
Telecommuting adds a new dimension to office in the home: steps to qualify for a business deduction.Women's issues/gender studiesFortin, Karen A., Dennis-Escoffier, Shirley
The auto expense deduction of employees: under the Deficit Reduction Act of 1984.Women's issues/gender studiesO'Neil, Cherie J., Narasimhan, Ramesh
The case for noncomprehensive interperiod tax allocation: the controversy continues. (accounting for income taxes)Women's issues/gender studiesDonnelly, David P., Laughlin, Eugene J.
The case for partial tax allocation: will enhance comparability and add relevance.Women's issues/gender studiesMain, Daphne, Kreuze, Jerry G.
The impact of sex-role characteristics on the job satisfaction and success of women CPAs.Women's issues/gender studiesMaupin, Rebekah
The woman CPA: a question of job satisfaction.Women's issues/gender studiesWard, Suzanne P., Moseley, Owen B., Ward, Dan R.
Troubled debt restructuring.Women's issues/gender studiesVolkert, James F., McKinnon, Sharon M.
Widespread computerization and automation of business operations.Women's issues/gender studiesJancura, Elise G.
Widespread computerization and automation of business operations. Part II: Impact of new developments on the profession. (accounting and automation)Women's issues/gender studiesJancura, Elise G.
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