The Woman CPA 1984 - Abstracts

The Woman CPA 1984
Consolidated Financial Statements.Women's issues/gender studiesFranz, D.R.
CPA Exam Performance - Can It Be Explained?Women's issues/gender studiesDunn, W.M., Hall, T.W.
Deviant Behavior and Misconduct of Professionals.Women's issues/gender studiesSchilit, H.M.
Indexation: Is It Equitable?Women's issues/gender studiesFuglister, J.
'Relevant Professional Experience' in Managerial Accounting.Women's issues/gender studiesCheatham, C.B.
The Accounting Profession's Experience with Compilation and Review.Women's issues/gender studiesBremser, W.G., Derstine, R.P.
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