The National Law Journal 2001 - Abstracts

The National Law Journal 2001
AuthorNumber of publications
Alan Fisk3
Barbara Handschu4
B.J. Palermo3
Bob Van Voris19
David E. Rovella22
David Hechler11
Edward J. Imwinkelried5
Elizabeth Amon11
Emily Heller4
Gail Diane Cox4
Georgene M. Vairo3
Janet L. McDavid3
Jerold S. Solovy4
Linda S. Mullenix3
Lisa Brennan4
Marcia Coyle24
Margaret Cronin Fisk12
Mark R. Kravitz5
Matt Fleischer3
Maureen Milford4
Michael D. Goldhaber3
Molly McDonough7
Robert L. Byman4
Susan Mandel13
William C. Smith10
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