The Journals of Gerontology, Series A 2000 - Abstracts

The Journals of Gerontology, Series A 2000
Commentary on "Age-Dependent Increase in Infarct Volume Following Photochemically Induced Cerebral Infarction: Putative Role of Astroglia."SeniorsIngram, Donald K., Long, Jeffrey M.
Commentary on "Effect of Long-term Caloric Restriction on GLUT4, Phosphatidylinositol-3 Kinase p85 Subunit, and Insulin Receptor Substrate-1 Protein Levels in Rhesus Monkey Skeletal Muscle".(this issue, page B44)SeniorsCefalu, William T.
Commentary on "Effects of food restriction on mechanical properties of the arterial system in adult and middle-aged rats."(study by Chang et al, October, 1999 issue, page B441)SeniorsNichols, Wilmer W., Sizemore, Clay
Commentary on "Effects of Strength Training and Detraining on Muscle Quality: Age and Gender Comparisons."SeniorsDutta, Chhanda
Commentary on "large neutral amino acid changes and delirium in febrile elderly medical patients": do amino acids play a role in the pathophysiology of delirium?Seniorsvan der Mast, Rose C.
Commentary on "Left ventricular response to beta-adrenergic stimulation in aging rats": the aging process of the heart.(this issue, page B35)SeniorsAnversa, Piero
Commentary on "Mortality oscillations induced by periodic starvation alter sex-mortality differentials in Mediterranean fruit flies."(response to article by Carey et al, October, 1999 issue, page B424)SeniorsManton, Kenneth
Diabetes mellitus: a major disease of older persons.SeniorsMorley, John E.
Hormone replacement therapy in octogenarian women: good or bad?(Commentaries on 'Estriol (E3) improves endothelial function and bone mineral density in very elderly women' (this issue, p. B183) and author response)SeniorsKoh, Kwang, Hon, Yang, Seong Hee, Sakuma, Ichiro, Hayashi, Toshio
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