The Journals of Gerontology, Series A 1999 - Abstracts

The Journals of Gerontology, Series A 1999
Age-related phenotypic alterations in populations of purified human bone precursor cells.SeniorsMann, Kenneth G., Long, Michael W., Ashcraft, Elizabeth K., Normalle, Daniel
Aging process is accompanied by increase of transglutaminase C.SeniorsSang Chul Park, Eui Ju Yeo, Jeong A. Han, Yong Chul Hwang, Jee Young Choi, Jeong Soo Park, Yong Hoon Park, Kyung Ok Kim, In-Gyu Kim, Sang Cheol Seong, Sahng June Kwak
Altered movement strategy increases lower extremity stiffness during stepping down in the aged.SeniorsHortobagyi, Tibor, DeVita, Paul
Author's response to commentary on "Revisiting the role of fat mass in the life extension induced by caloric restriction.".(response to article by Edward J. Masoro, in this issue, p. B97)SeniorsBarzilai, Nir
Author's response to commentary.(response to article by John E. Morley et al., in this issue, p. B108)SeniorsMatsumoto, Alvin M., Wolden-Hanson, Tami
A view of the aging-disease relationship from age 85.SeniorsBlumenthal, Herman T.
Cardiovascular oscillations: from a physiological curiosity to a probe of aging and health?(response to article by Fluckiger et al in this issue, p. B219)SeniorsPagani, Massimo
Causes of death and clinical diagnostic erros in extreme aged hospitalized people: a retrospective clinical-necropsy survey.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsGuralnik, Jack M., Bordin, Paolo, Col, Paolo G. da, Peruzzo, Paolo, Stanta, Georgio, Cattin, Luigi
Changes in power with resistance training in older and younger men and women.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsCampbell, W.W., Evans, W.J., Joseph, L., Jozsi, A.C., Davey, S.L.
Chemosensory impairment and appetite: commentary on "Impaired sensory functioning in elders: the relation with its potential determinants and nutritional intake".(includes reply)(response to article by Nynke de Jong et al. in this issue, p. B324)SeniorsSchiffman, Susan S.
Chronomes: time structures within the physiological range identify early disease risk aiming at primary prevention.(response to P. Cugini, et al. in this issue, p. M304)SeniorsCornelissen, Germaine, Halberg, Franz
Commentary: aging, differentiation-dependent gene expression, and fat cell function.(includes reply by K. Hotta et al)(response to article by K. Hotta et al in this issue, p. 183)SeniorsKirkland, James L.
Commentary: nuclear receptors and myosin heavy chain gene expression in the aged myocardium.(response to article by Long et al in this issue, p B23)SeniorsBoheler, Kenneth R.
Commentary on "Application of Exogenously Regulatable Promoter Systems to Transgenic Models for the Study of Aging.".(response to article by William W. Morgan et al in this issue, p B30)SeniorsJazwinski, S. Michal
Commentary on "Effects of age and gender on the cardiovascular responses to isoproterenol." Cardiac aging: role of the beta adrenergic system.(article by Michael J. Turner, et al., in this issue, p. B393)SeniorsStratton, John R.
Commentary on "Long-term Calorie Restriction Reduces Energy Expenditure in Aging Monkeys.".(response to article by James P. DeLany et al in this issue, p B5)SeniorsLeibel, Rudolph L.
Commentary on "Perception of postural limits in elderly nursing home and day care participants.".(response to article by Stephen N. Robinovitch et al., in this issue, p. B124)SeniorsWolf, Steven L.
Commentary on 'Protein carbonyl accumulation in aging dauer formation-defective (daf) mutants of Caenorhabditis elegans.'.(response to article by Kayo Yasuda, Hiroshi Adachi, Yoshisada Fujiwara and Naoaki Ishii in this issue, p.B47)SeniorsGoto, Sataro
Commentary on "Protein Glycosylation and AGEs accumulation: an avian solution?(advanced glycosylated endproducts)SeniorsUllrich, Irma H., Hornsby, W. Guyton, Chetlin, Robert, Yeater, Rachel
Commentary on "Revisiting the role of fat mass in the life extension induced by caloric restriction.".(response to B.N. Berg et al., Journal of Nutrition, vol. 71, p. 255, 1960)SeniorsMasoro, Edward J.
Commentary on 'The Effects of Peripheral Vascular Disease on Gait.'.(response to article by McCully, Kevin, et. al. in this issue, p. B291)SeniorsNewman, Anne B.
Commentary.(response to article by Barnes, Covington and Lee in this issue, p. B199)SeniorsBlanco-Rodriguez, Josefa
Disease, disability, and age in cognitively intact seniors: results from the Canadian study of health and aging.SeniorsHogan, David B., Ebly, Erika M., Fung, Tak S.
Does syndrome X exist in hypertensive elderly persons with impaired glycemic control?(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsGraney, Marshall J., Applegate, William B., Johnson, Karen C., Rutan, Gale H., Kitabchi, Abbas E., Runyan, John W.
Effects of an oral glucose challenge on free radicals/antioxidants balance in an older population with type II diabetes.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsTessier, Daniel, Khalil, Abdelouahed, Fulop, Tamas
Effects of genotype and diet on age-related lesions in ad libitum fed and calorie-restricted F344, BN, and BNF3F1 rats.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsBronson, R.T., Dallal, G.E., Lipman, R.D.
Efficacy of calcium supplements on bone mass in postmenopausal women.SeniorsChiu, Kit Mui
Factors associated with brain donation among optimally healthy elderly people.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsSexton, Gary, Kaye, Jeffrey A., Dames, Alison, Lehman, Suzanne
Gait characteristics as risk factors for falling from trips induced in older adults.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsOwings, Tammy M., Pavol, Michael J., Foley, Kevin T., Grabiner, Mark D.
Growth curves and survival characteristics of the animals used in the biomarkers of aging program.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsLipman, Ruth D., Turturro, Angelo, Wittm William W., Lewis, Sherry, Hass, Bruce S., Hart, Ronald W.
Lack of an effect of age on beta-adrenoceptor-mediated lipolysis in isolated human adipocytes.SeniorsGerber, John G., Zahniser, Nancy R., Detmar-Hanna, Donna
Leptin, adipose tissue and aging - is there a role for testosterone?(response to article by T. Wolden-Hanson et al., in this issue, p. B99)SeniorsMorley, John E., Garry, Philip J., Perry, Horace M., III, Baumgartner, Richard P.
Lesion biomarkers of aging in B6C3F1 hybrid mice.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsBronson, R.T., Dallal, G.E., Lipman, R.D.
Measurement of body fat in healthy elderly men: a comparison of methods.SeniorsGasbarrini, Giovanni, Ravaglia, Giovannia, Forti, Paola, Maioli, Fabiola, Boschi, Federica, Cicognani, Annalene
Phase-dependent modulation of proximal and distal postural responses to slips in young and older adults.SeniorsPei-Fang Tang, Woollacott, Marjorie H.
Protein carbonyl accumulation in aging dauer formation-defective (daf) mutants of Caenorhabditis elegans.SeniorsIshii, Naoaki, Yasuda, Kayo, Adachi, Hiroshi, Fujiwara, Yoshisada
Psychopathology and emotional distress among older high-utilizing health maintenance organization patients.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsSilver, Michael P., Haas, Leonard J., Spendlove, David C., Holmberg, Trent C.
Relationship between the response to influenza vaccination and the nutritional status in institutionalized elderly subjects.SeniorsWeber, John, Payette, Helene, Fulop, Tamas, Jr., Wagner, J. Richard, Khalil, Abdelouahed, Trottier, Lise
Scaling ADLs within the MDS.(activities of daily living, Minimum Data Set)(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsMorris, John N., Fries, Brant E., Morris, Shirley A.
Self-rated health as a risk factor for prescribed drug use and future health and social service use in older people.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsBath, Peter A.
The clock drawing test: utility for dementia detection in multiethnic elders.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsScanlan, James, Vitaliano, Peter, Borson, Soo, Brush, Michael, Chen, Jim, Gil, Eric, Cashman, Judy, Sta Maria, Mary M., Barnhart, Ross, Roques, Jose
The rate of decline in function in Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.SeniorsRockwood, Kenneth, Mitnitski, Arnold B., Graham, Janice E., Mogilner, Alexander J.
The relationships of animal age and caloric intake to cellular replication in vivo and in vitro: a review.(Statistical Data Included)SeniorsWolf, Norman S., Pendergrass, William R.
The sex and age of older adults influence the outcome of induced trips.(likelihood of accidental falls)SeniorsOwings, Tammy M., Pavol, Michael J., Foley, Kevin T., Grabiner, Mark D.
Use of an ambulation assistive device predicts functional decline associated with hospitalization.SeniorsSager, Mark A., Mahoney, Jane E., Jalaluddin, Muhammad
Utility of fever and leukocytosis in acute surgical abdomens in octogenarians and beyond.SeniorsPotts, Fred E., IV, Vukov, Larry F.
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