The Journals of Gerontology, Series A 1995 - Abstracts

The Journals of Gerontology, Series A 1995
A comparison of ventilation components in young and elderly men during exercise.SeniorsTeramoto, Shinji, Fukuchi, Yoshinosuke, Nagase, Takahide, Matsuse, Takeshi, Orimo, Hajime
A controlled trial of exercise training in older coronary patients.SeniorsAdes, Philip A., Waldmann, Mary L., Gillespie, Colin
A coordinate upregulation of antioxidant gene activities is associated with the delayed onset of senescence in a long-lived strain of Drosophila.SeniorsDudas, Steven P., Arking, Robert
Adrenocortical hyporesponsiveness and glucocorticoid feedback resistance in old male Brown Norway rats.SeniorsEekelen, J. Anke M. van, Oitzl, Melly S., Kloet, E. Ronald De
Age effects on reflex and postural responses to propriomuscular inputs generated by tendon vibration.SeniorsQuoniam, Cynthia, Hay, Laurette, Roll, Jean-Pierre, Harlay, Francoise
A malathion resistance gene associated with increased life span of the rusty grain beetle, Cryptolestes ferrugineus (Coleoptera: cucujidae).SeniorsWhite, Noel D.G., Bell, Richard J.
Anti-tumor action of dietary restriction is lesion-dependent in male Fischer 344 rats.SeniorsMasoro, Edward J., Yu, Byung Pal, Shimokawa, Isao, Higami, Yoshikazu, Hubbard, Gene B., Bertrand, Helen
A questionnaire to evaluate disability in osteoporotic patients with vertebral compression fractures.SeniorsHelmes, Edward, Hodsman, Anthony, Lazowski, Darien, Bhardwaj, Asha, Crilly, Richard, Nichol, Peter, Drost, Dick, Vanderburgh, Linda, Pederson, Linda
Arterial closing pressure correlates with diastolic pseudohypertension in the elderly.SeniorsMac Mahon, Margaret, Sheahan, Noirin F., Colgan, Mary Paula, Walsh, Bernard, Malone, Jim, Coakley, Davis
A unifying hypothesis to explain the retardation of aging and tumorigenesis by caloric restriction.SeniorsWarner, Huber R., Fernandes, Gabriel, Wang, Eugenia
Basal natural killer cell activity of young versus elderly humans.SeniorsKaye, Donald, Murasko, Donna M., Kutza, Joseph
Benzodiazepine use as a cause of cognitive impairment in elderly hospital inpatients.SeniorsHenry, David, Foy, Aidan, O'Connell, Dianne, Kelly, Jill, Cocking, Sue, Halliday, Judith
Birds as animal models for the comparative biology of aging: a prospectus.SeniorsAustad, Steven N., Holmes, Donna J.
Case mix controlled service use and expenditures in the social health maintenance organization demonstration.SeniorsManton, Kenneth, Newcomer, Robert, Harrington, Charlene, Yordi, Cathleen, Vertrees, James
Cell cycle progression, aging, and cell death.SeniorsJazwinski, S. Michal, Howard, Bruce H., Nayak, Ramesh K.
Cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease: a longitudinal investigation of risk factors for accelerated decline.SeniorsLarson, Eric B., Kukull, Walter A., Teri, Linda, McCurry, Susan M., Edland, Steven D.
Effect of age and pathology on left ventricular diastolic function: the diagnostic yield of Doppler echocardiography.SeniorsSgadari, Antonio, Zuccala, Giuseppe, Bernabei, Roberto, Carbonin, Pierugo, Cocchi, Alberto
Effects of age and hypertension on adrenoceptor-sensitivity evaluated with CD25 and QT QS2. (electrical systole)(electromechanical systole)SeniorsRengo, Franco, De Caprio, Lorenzo, Di Palma, Annalisa, De Rosa, Maria Leonarda, Lirato, Carmela, Canonico, Vincenzo, Giordano, Arturo, Scognamiglio, Paola
Effects of aging and caloric restriction on extracellular matrix biosynthesis in a model of injury repair in rats.SeniorsReiser, Karen, McGee, Carl, Rucker, Robert, McDonald, Roger
Effects of chlordiazepoxide and scopolamine, but not aging, on the detection and identification of conditional visual stimuli.SeniorsMcGaughy, Jill, Sarter, Martin
Effects of dietary restriction on the change in aortic alpha1-adrenoceptor mediated responses during aging in Fischer 344 rats.SeniorsFriedman, Eitan, Johnson, Mark D., Gurdal, Hakan
Enhanced hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical axis responses to physostigmine in normal aging.SeniorsThal, Leon J., Raskind, Murray A., Peskind, Elaine R., Dorsa, Daniel M., Veith, Richard C., Dobie, Dorcas J., Wingerson, Dane, Pascualy, Marcella, Murray, Sharon, Sikkema, Carl, Galt, Stephen A., Wilkinson, Charles W.
Episodic memory and visuospatial ability in detecting and staging dementia in a community-based sample of very old adults.SeniorsFratiglioni, Laura, Backman, Lars, Herlitz, Agneta, Hill, Robert D.
Estimating parametric survival model parameters in gerontological aging studies: methodological problems and insights.SeniorsEakin, Tim, Shouman, Radey, Yanling Qi, Gongxian Lu, Witten, Matthew
Ethanol metabolism and aging: the role of "first pass metabolism" and gastric alcohol dehydrogenase activity.SeniorsPozzato, Gabriele, Moretti, Michele, Franzin, Francesco, Croce, Lory Saveria, Lacchin, Teresa, Benedetti, Giorgio, Sablich, Renato, Stebel, Marco, Campanacci, Luciano
Exercise reduces age-dependent decrease in platelet protein kinase C activity and translocation.SeniorsFriedman, Eitan, Wang, Hoau-Yan, Bashore, Theodore R.
Expression of G protein alpha subunits in the aging cardiovascular system.SeniorsFriedman, Eitan, Johnson, Mark D., Roberts, Jay, Zhou, Yuanguo
Extended stimulated parotid and submandibular secretion in a healthy young and old population.SeniorsBaum, Bruce J., Ship, Jonathan A., Wu, Ava J.
Health and functioning among the elderly of Marin County, California: a glimpse of the future.SeniorsSatariano, William A., Reed, Dwayne, Gildengorin, Ginny, McMahon, Kay, Fleshman, Ruth, Schneider, Edward
Hyperadrenocorticism, attenuated inflammation, and the life-prolonging action of food restriction in mice.SeniorsKelbanov, Simon, Diais, Shehab, Stavinoha, William B., Suh, Yongman, Nelson, James F.
Influence of age and gender on skin vessel reactivity to endothelium-dependent and endothelium-independent vasodilators tested with iontophoresis and a laser Doppler perfusion imager.SeniorsWinblad, Bengt, Algotsson, Annica, Nordberg, Agneta
Influence of autonomic blockade and aging on AV conduction and responses to verapamil in the beagle.SeniorsGarcia, Jorge, Schwartz, Janice B., Shen, Chao, Capili, Helen, Sniezek, Marion
Intermittent claudication and subsequent cardiovascular disease in the elderly.SeniorsHennekens, Charles H., Guralnik, Jack M., Wallace, Robert B., Simonsick, Eleanor M., Ostfeld, Adrian M.
Long-term dietary restriction in older-aged rhesus monkeys: effects on insulin resistance.SeniorsHansen, Barbara C., Bodkin, Noni L., Ortmeyer, Heidi K.
Long-term resistance training in the elderly: effects on dynamic strength, exercise capacity, muscle, and bone.SeniorsWebber, Colin E., McCartney, Neil, Hicks, Audrey L., Adler, Polly
Maintenance requirements for dietary protein in 11- and 18-month-old male rats.SeniorsLinley, Lisa K., Reynolds, Kathryn, Lentner, Marvin, Ritchey, S.J.
No evidence for a general change in contractile responsiveness of the mesenteric artery with aging.SeniorsMacDonald, Elizabeth, McDonald, Anita, Fulton, James D., Wadsworth, Roger M., Scott, Peter J.W., Howie, Kate A.
Physical disability in older runners: prevalence, risk factors, and progression with age.SeniorsBloch, Daniel A., Ward, Michael M., Hubert, Helen B., Shi, Hong
Predictors of the age-related increase in blood pressure in men and women.SeniorsPoehlman, Eric T., Gardner, Andrew W.
Slowing of contractile properties in quail skeletal muscle with aging.SeniorsAlway, Stephen E.
Source of dietary carbohydrate affects life span of Fischer 344 rats independent of caloric restriction.SeniorsMurtagh-Mark, Carol M., Reiser, Karen M., Harris, Robert, Jr., McDonald, Roger B.
Survival estimates and sample size: what can we conclude?SeniorsShouman, Radey, Witten, Matthew
Temporal pattern of food intake not a factor in the retardation of aging processes by dietary restriction.SeniorsMasoro, Edward J., McMahan, C. Alex, Yu, Byung Pal, Shimokawa, Isao, Higami, Yoshikazu
The Activities-specific Balance Confidence (ABC) scale.SeniorsMyers, Anita M., Powell, Lynda Elaine
The role of adenosine in promoting cardiac beta-adrenergic subsensitivity in aging humans.SeniorsGerber, John G., Nies, Alan S., Suteparuk, Suchai, Andros, Elizabeth
Validation of the Minimum Data Set Cognitive Performance Scale: agreement with the Mini-Mental State Examination.SeniorsSloane, Philip D., Guess, Harry A., Koch, Gary G., Mitchell, C. Madeline, Hartmaier, Susan L., Phillips, Charles D.
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