The Journal of Services Marketing 2006 - Abstracts

The Journal of Services Marketing 2006
A confirmation perspective on perceived service quality.(service quality management and consumer preferences )BusinessHamer, Lawrence O.
A cross-industry comparison of customer satisfaction.BusinessGilbert, G. Ronald, Veloutsou, Cleopatra
A service perspective on modelling intentions of on-line purchasing.BusinessDaniel, Kerry, Wang, Paul, Hackman, David, Siegfried P. Gundergan,
Building a customer base in the electronic marketplace: an empirical exploration of the e-tailing industry.BusinessTalaga, James, Jiang, Pingjun
Consumer politeness and complaining behavior.BusinessLerman, Dawn
Customer satisfaction in the restaurant industry: an examination of the transaction-specific model.BusinessAndaleeb, Syed Saad, Conway, Carolyn
Developing successful technology-based services: the issue of identifying and involving innovative users.BusinessParasuraman, A., Gustafsson, Anders, Kristensson, Per, Matthing, Jonas
Exploring managers' perspectives of the impact of brand management strategies on employee roles within a service firm.BusinessGrace, Debra, King, Ceridwyn
Exploring the role of culture in trust development with service providers.(customer culture and their faith in services industries)BusinessJanda, Swinder, Seo, Sunhee
Firm-specific influences on the internalization of after-sales service activities in foreign markets.BusinessMorschett, Dirk
Gender bias in customer evaluations of service quality: an empirical investigation.BusinessOswald, Sharon L., Snipes, Robin L., Thomson, Neal F.
How do corporate reputation and customer satisfaction impact customer defection? A study of private energy customers in Germany.BusinessWalsh, Gianfranco, Wiedmann, Klaus-Peter, Dinnie, Keith
I love my accountants - they're wonderful: understanding customer delight in the professional services arena.(consumer satisfaction)BusinessMcNeilly, Kevin M., Barr, Terri Feldman
Marketing financial services to Hispanic American consumers: a portfolio-centric analysis.BusinessStevenson, Thomas H., Plath, D. Anthony
Marketing research, market orientation and customer relationship management: a framework and implications for service providers.BusinessMartin, Charles L., Javalgi, Rajshekhar (Raj) G., Young, Robert B.
Modeling store loyalty: perceived value in market orientation practice.(marketing management)BusinessQuester, Pascale G., Chen, Shu-Ching
Online service failure, consumer attributions and expectations.BusinessBernhardt, Kenneth L., Harris, Katherine E., Mohr, Lois A.
On-screen characters: their design and influence on consumer trust.BusinessMcGoldrick, Peter, Luo, J.T., Beatty, Susan, Keeling, Kathleen A.
Perceptions of incompatibility in customer-to-customer interactions: examining individual level differences.BusinessSharma, Arun, Raajpoot, Nusser A.
Pricing practices of service organizations.BusinessIndounas, Kostis A.
Relationship development in a multinational utilities network.BusinessTyler, Katherine, Stanley, Edmund, Brady, Amanda
Relationship marketing: the influence of consumer involvement on perceived service benefits.BusinessKinard, Brian R., Capella, Michael L.
Segmenting service "complainers" and "non-complainers" on the basis of consumer characteristics.(customer behavior)BusinessGrace, Debra, Bodey, Kelli
Sequential service quality in service encounter chains: case studies.BusinessSvensson, Goran
Service orientation and performance: an organizational perspective.(customer service management)BusinessTimmerman, John E., Lytle, Richard S.
Service personalization and loyalty.BusinessBall, Dwayne, Coelho, Pedro S., Vilares, Manuel J.
Service quality, customer satisfaction, and behavioral intentions in the service factory.BusinessOlorunniwo, Festus, Hsu, Maxwell K., Udo, Godwin J.
The art of service recovery: fact or fiction?(customer service management)BusinessBowers, Michael R., Hocutt, Mary Ann, Donavan, D. Todd
The effectiveness of environmental claims for services advertising.BusinessChan, Ricky Y.K., Leung, T.K.P., Y.H. Wong
The effects of service recovery on consumer satisfaction: a comparison between complainants and non-complainants.(consumer complaints)BusinessKau, Ah-Keng, Loh, Elizabeth Wan-Yiun
The good guys don't always win: the effect of valence on service perceptions and consequences.(customer satisfaction)BusinessBrady, Michael K., Cronin, J. Joseph, Jr., Bourdeau, Brian L., Voorhees, Clay M.
The impact of affect on service quality and satisfaction: the moderation of service contexts.(service quality management on modern services industry )BusinessYing Jiang, Cheng Lu Wang
The impact of brand trust and satisfaction on retailer repurchase intentions.BusinessVoorhees, Clay M., Zboja, James J.
The impact of involvement on satisfaction for new, nontraditional, credence-based service offerings.BusinessPrenshaw, Penelope J., Kovar, Stacy E., Burke, Kimberly Gladden
The impact of market price volatility on consumer satisfaction with lowest-price refunds.(retailers' pricing policies)BusinessEstelami, Hooman, Bergstein, Heather
The power of explanations in mitigating the ill-effects of service failures.BusinessMattila, Anna S.
The relationship of the visual element of an advertisement to service quality expectations and source credibility.BusinessJames, Karen E., Clow, Kenneth E., Kranenburg, Kristine E., Berry, Christine T.
The theoretical underpinnings of emotional dissonance: a framework and analysis of propositions.BusinessJulian, Craig, Phillips, Brendan, Tan, Thomas Tsu Wee
Uncovering the keys to successful service elimination: 'Project ServDrop'.(elimination decisions in service industry)BusinessAvlonitis, George J., Papastathopoulou, Paulina G., Gounaris, Spiros P.
What factors influence customer-oriented prosocial behavior of customer-contact employees?(Employee attitudes and customer relationship management)BusinessYong-Ki Lee, Jung-Heon Nam, Dae-Hwan Park, Kyung Ah Lee
Why consumers are not using internet banking: a qualitative study.(customer behavior)BusinessDevlin, James F., Gerrard, Philip, Cunningham, J. Barton
Why consumers use and do not use technology-enabled services.(Internet)BusinessJohnson, Lester W., Walker, Rhett H.
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