The Journal of Services Marketing 1999 - Abstracts

The Journal of Services Marketing 1999
A conceptual approach to classifying sports fans.BusinessBashaw, R. Edward, Hunt, Kenneth A., Bristol, Terry
An examination on perceived risk, information search and behavioral intentions in search, experience and credence services.BusinessMitra, Kaushik, Capella, Louis M., Reiss, Michelle C.
An exploratory study of influences on public opinion towards alcohol and tobacco sponsorship of sporting events.BusinessMcDaniel, Stephen R., Mason, Daniel S.
Assessing contact personnel/customer interaction in a small town: differences between large and small retail districts.BusinessKlemz, Bruce R.
Closing the gaps: service quality in sport tourism.BusinessThwaites, Des
Competitive advantage in international services marketing.(Editorial)BusinessHult, G. Tomas M.
"Culture shocks" in inter-cultural service encounters?(Statistical Data Included)BusinessMang, Paul, Strauss, Bernd
Developing marketing strategies for transnational service operations.BusinessLovelock, Christopher H.
Dimensions of consumer search behavior in services.BusinessMcColl-Kennedy, Janet R., Fetter, Richard E., Jr.
Franchise relocation and sport introduction: a sports marketing case study of the Carolina Hurricanes' fan adoption plan.BusinessKelley, Scott W., Hoffman, K. Douglas, Carter, Sheila
Importance-performance analysis as a strategic tool for service marketers: the case of service-quality perceptions of business students in New Zealand and the USA.BusinessFord, John B., Joseph, Mathew, Joseph, Beatriz
Internationalization strategies for services.BusinessGronroos, Christian
International services advertising: an examination of variation in appeal use for experiential and utilitarian services.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessAlbers-Miller, Nancy D., Stafford, Marla Royne
International services marketing: review of research, 1980-1998.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessKnight, Gary
International services: perspectives at century's end.BusinessClark, Terry, Rajaratnam, Daniel
Internet currency.(SRI Consulting's Internet World Wide Web)BusinessPitta, Dennis
Management behavior and barriers to market orientation in retailing companies.BusinessHarris, Lloyd C., Piercy, Nigel F.
New media in marketing redefine competitive advantage: a comparison of small and large firms.BusinessLynn, Gary S., Maltz, Alan C., Jurkat, Peter M., Hammer, Michael D.
Non-profit organizations are marketing challenged too?(Editorial)BusinessMartin, Charles L.
Promotion and advertising agency utilization: a nation-wide study of hospital providers.BusinessHenthorne, Tony L., Oswald, Sharon L., Hogan, Beth, Schaninger, William
Service quality by relationships in the international market.BusinessEriksson, Kent, Sharma, D. Deo, Majkgard, Anders
Sports marketing: an examination of academic marketing publication.(includes bibliography of published sports marketing articles)BusinessShannon, J. Richard
Testing the SERVQUAL scale in the business-to-business sector: the case of ocean freight shipping service.BusinessDurvasula, Srinivas, Lysonski, Steven, Mehta, Subhash C.
The effects of market orientation on effectiveness and efficiency: the case of automotive distribution channels in Finland and Poland.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessMehta, Rajiv, Mazur, Jolanta, Polsa, Pia, Chen, Su-Jane, Chang, Tung-Zong
The impact of a video screen and rotational-signage systems on satisfaction and advertising recognition.BusinessGrove, Stephen J., Pickett, Gregory M., Moore, Jesse N.
The impact of communication effectiveness and service quality on relationship commitment in consumer, professional services.BusinessSharma, Neeru, Patterson, Paul G.
The impact of sales quotas on moral judgment in the financial services industry.BusinessGood, David J., Schwepker, Charles H., Jr.
The influence of coupon face value on service quality expectations, risk perceptions and purchase intentions in the dental industry.BusinessClow, Kenneth E., Garretson, Judith A.
The internationalization of services: trends, obstacles and issues.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessSamiee, Saeed
The role of culture and purchase motivation in service encounter evaluations.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessMattila, Anna S.
"What sort of soil do rhododendrons like?" - comparing customer and employee responses to requests for product-related information.BusinessBaron, Steve, Harris, Kim, Davies, Barry
Wiring and growing the technology of international services marketing.BusinessFisk, Raymond P.
Word-of-mouth communication in the service marketplace.BusinessMiller, Fred, Mangold, W. Glynn, Brockway, Gary R.
Work stress and customer service delivery.BusinessVarca, Philip E.
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