The Journal of Services Marketing 1997 - Abstracts

The Journal of Services Marketing 1997
A cross-sectional test of the effect and conceptualization of service value.BusinessBrady, Michael K., Cronin, J. Joseph, Jr., Shemwell, Donald J., Brand, Richard R., Hightower, Roscoe, Jr.
An exploratory investigation of consumer decision making for selected professional and nonprofessional services.BusinessEttenson, Richard, Turner, Kathryn
A processual analysis of customer service training.BusinessLin, Binshan, Darling, John
Awareness of service charges and its influence on customer expectations and perceptions of quality in banking.BusinessKangis, Peter, Passa, Vassiliki
Computer currency. (evaluation of Microsoft Office 97)Business 
Computer currency. (evaluation of Quarterdeck Inc. software products)Business 
Consumer evaluations of fast-food services: a cross-national comparison. (implications of culture on the evaluation of services offered by an international fast-food chain)BusinessUlgado, Francis M., Lee, Moonkyu
Consumer-specific determinants of the size of retail choice sets: an empirical comparison of physical good and service providers. (implications of services and products offered in a retail store)BusinessBrand, Richard R., Cronin, J. Joseph
Corporate name change signaling in the services industry.BusinessKoku, Paul Sergius
Enhancing service personnel effectiveness through the use of behavioral repertoires.BusinessDobni, Dawn, Ritchie, J.R. Brent, Zerbe, Wilf
Establishing ethical boundaries for service providers: a narrative approach.BusinessHarris, Sharon, Bush, Victoria, Bush, Alan
Exploring market orientation in banks: an empirical examination in Saudi Arabia.BusinessBhuian, Shahid N.
Implementing a relationship marketing program: a case study and managerial implications.BusinessVoss, Glenn B., Voss, Zannie Giraud
Internet currency. (evaluation of American Express website)Business 
Internet currency. (evaluation of MCB University Press and CIGNA web sites)Business 
Making promises: the power of engagement.BusinessFabien, Louis
Marketing ethics: a comparison between services and other marketing professionals.BusinessRao, C.P., Singhapakdi, Anusorn
Product management and the marketing of financial services.BusinessGupta, Ashok K., Wilemon, David, Raj, S.P., Strieter, Jeffrey
Radio advertising in information strategy: differences between services and products.BusinessAbernethy, Avery M., Butler, Daniel D., Gray, James I.
Right first time in service: a checklist of best practice and the link to performance.BusinessCaruana, Albert, Pitt, Leyland F.
Searching for information in marketspace: does the form - product or service - matter?BusinessDholakia, Ruby Roy, Venkatraman, Meera
Service guarantees and consumers' evaluation of services. (implications of offering service guarantees in the success of a restaurant business)BusinessTalaga, James, Tucci, Louis A.
Service loyalty: implications for service providers.BusinessJavalgi, Rajshekhar J., Moberg, Christopher R.
Service pricing: a multi-step synthetic approach. (evaluation of pricing strategies in the services industry)BusinessCapella, Louis M., Tung, Wei, Tat, Peter K.
Service provider training programs at odds with customer requirements in five-star hotels.BusinessMcColl-Kennedy, Janet R., White, Tina
Service quality in the Australian advertising industry: a methodological study.BusinessQuester, Pascale G., Romaniuk, Simon
Services marketing: taking a principled stand.(Editorial)BusinessMartin, Charles L.
Strategic pricing differentiation in services: a re-examination.BusinessMitra, Kaushik, Capella, Louis M.
Taking advantage of barter in radio.BusinessVaccaro, Joseph P., Kassaye, W. Wossen
The antecedents of consumer expectations of services: an empirical study across four industries.BusinessKurtz, David L., Clow, Kenneth E., Ozment, John, Beng Soo Ong
Using norms to improve the interpretation of service quality measures.BusinessBrown, Tom J.
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