The Journal of Services Marketing 1995 - Abstracts

The Journal of Services Marketing 1995
AT&T Consumer Communications Services.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Barclays invests in technology to boost customer service - and market share.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Becoming a customer-driven organization.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Calculating the return on quality.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Can a company be both low-cost- and service-oriented?(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Capturing the customer's voice.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Classifying health care offering to gain strategic marketing insights.BusinessHult, G. Tomas M., Lukas, Bryan A.
Computer currency.BusinessPitta, Dennis
Correlates of credit card acceptance and usage in an advanced developing Middle Eastern country.BusinessKaynak, Erdener, Kucukemiroglu, Orsat, Ozmen, Ahmet
Customers as oral participants in a service setting.BusinessBaron, Steve, Harris, Kim, Ratcliffe, Julie
Delivering community benefits.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
(Dis)satisfaction with public services: the case of public transportation.BusinessAndreassen, Tor Wallin
Enhancing quality in service industries.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Family financial decision making: implications for marketing strategy.BusinessHopper, JoAnne Stilley
Focusing on customers.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Focus on customers, focus on growth and focus on profit.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
From service to product.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
GTE Directories Corporation.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
High-flying employee ownership.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Improving customer satisfaction at London Underground. (London Underground Limited)(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Inflight philosophy. (airlines)(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
ISO and total quality. (International Standards Organization)(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Keeping the customer satisfied.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Leading the knowledge of workers of the 1990s.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Making reengineering human.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Managing consumer expectations of low-margin, high-volume services.BusinessClow, Kenneth E., Beisel, John L.
Many financial institutions still confuse "customer care" with "quality."(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Marketing culture and marketing effectiveness in service firms.BusinessWebster, Cynthia
Marketing financial services to mature consumers.BusinessKennett, Pamela A., Moschis, George P., Bellenger, Danny N.
Measuring service quality: a systems approach.BusinessLancioni, Richard A., Johnson, Rose L., Tsiros, Michael
Memphis multimedia system.(Computer Currency) (Hardware Review)(Evaluation)BusinessPitta, Dennis
Multimedia Business 500. (Software Review)(Evaluation)BusinessPerttula, William
No news is bad news.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
On bizarreness in the entertainment industry.BusinessKoku, Paul Sergius
Passenger focus keeps railway on track.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Positioning your service to target key buying influences: the case of referring physicians and hospitals.BusinessJavalgi, Rajshekhar (Raj) G., Joseph, W. Benoy, Gombeski, William R., Jr.
Professional versus generic retail services: new insights.BusinessMotes, William H., Hill, C. Jeanne
Putting people into the process.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Putting your money where your mouth is.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Quality planning and the communication plan.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Reengineering turns company toward the customer.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Royal Mail delivers total quality.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Service counter satisfaction: conceptualized.BusinessWalker, James L.
Service on which you can bank.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Service recovery: impact on satisfaction and intentions.BusinessSpreng, Richard A., Harrell, Gilbert D., Mackoy, Robert D.
The effects of customer service on consumer complaining behavior.BusinessBlodgett, Jeffrey G., Barnes, James H., Wakefield, Kirk L.
The kingdom of the customer.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
The managerial implications of the learning organization: a new tool for internal marketing.BusinessCahill, Dennis J.
The market for obstetrical services: an integrative approach to building relationships.BusinessMarshall, Brenda Stevenson, Javalgi, Rajshehkar G.
The marketing of financial services to independent distributors.BusinessLaing, Angus
The quality cry of a modern Paul Revere.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
The relative effects of national stereotype and advertising information on the selection of a service provider: an empirical study.BusinessHarrison-Walker, L. Jean
The TQM route to the top of the class. (total quality management)(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Total quality can work.(Strategies for Service Quality)Business 
Tracking service failures and employee recovery efforts.BusinessKelley, Scott W., Hoffman, K. Douglas, Rotalsky, Holly M.
Waiting time delays and customer satisfaction in supermarkets.BusinessTom, Gail, Lucey, Scott
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