The Journal of Heredity 2006 - Abstracts

The Journal of Heredity 2006
A blue variant in the rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum.Biological sciencesJ.M. Blanc, Huguette Poisson, Edwige Quillet
A comparison of rarefaction and Bayesian methods for predicting the allelic richness of future samples on the basis of currently available samples.Biological sciencesFrancois Bonhomme, Khalid Belkhir, Kevin J. Dawson
A genomic perspective on the shortcoming of mitochondrial DNA for "barcoding" identification.Biological sciencesDaniel Rubinoff, Stephen Cameron, Kipling Will
A method for identification of the expression mode and mapping of QTL underlying embryo-specific characters.(quantitative trait loci)Biological sciencesZhiqiu Hu, Xuefeng Wang, Chenwu Xu
Amplification of the major satellite DNA family (FA-SAT) in a cat fibrosarcoma might be related to chromosomal instability.Biological sciencesSara Santos, Raquel Chaves, Filomena Adega, Estela Bastos, Henrique Guedes-Pinto
Analysis of flavonoids in pubescence of soybean near-isogenic lines for pubescence color loci.Biological sciencesRyoji Takahashi, Tsuksasa Iwashina, Eduardo Benitez
An interspecific functional complementation test in Drosophila for introductory genetics laboratory courses.Biological sciencesLidon Monferrer, Ruben Artero
A quantitative trait locus analysis of natural genetic variation for Drosophila melanogaster oxidative stress survival.Biological sciencesYue Wang, Lawrence G. Harshman, David Pot, Stephen D. Kachman, Sergey V. Nuzhdin
A quantitative trait locus for oleic fatty acid content on Sus scrofa chromosome 7.Biological sciencesYounyoung Kim, Minyoung Kong, Yu Jin Nam, Chaeyoung Lee
Biogeographic evidence for selection on mitochondrial DNA in North Pacific Walleye Pollock Theragra chalcogramma.Biological sciencesW. Stewart Grant, Ingrid B. Spies, Michael F. Canino
Characterization of 37 breed-specific single-nucleotide polymorphisms in sheep.Biological sciencesLorraine Pariset, Irene Cappuccino, Paolo Ajmone-Marsan, Michael Bruford, Susana Dunner, Oscar Cortes, Georg Erhardt, Eva-Maria Prinzenberg, Katja Gutscher, Stephane Joost, Gabriela Pinto-Juma, Issac J. Nijman, Johannes A. Lenstra, Trinidad Perez, Alessio Valentini, Econogene Consortium
Chloroplast DNA variation confirms a single origin of domesticated sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.).Biological sciencesJohn M. Burke, David M. Wills
Complex segregation analysis of canine hip dysplasia in German shepherd dogs.Biological sciencesH. Hamann, O. Distl, V. Janutta
Different post-Pleistocene histories of Eurasian parids.Biological sciencesSievert Rohwer, Robert M. Zink, Alexandra Pavlova, Sergei V. Drovetski
Electrophoretic evidence for disomic inheritance and allopolyploid origin of the octoploid cerastium alpinum (Caryophyllaceae).Biological sciencesAnna Westerbergh, Anna-Britt Nyberg Berglund, Anssi Saura
Electrophoretic evidence for disomic inheritance and allopolyploid origin of the octoploid cerastium alpinum (Caryophyllaceae).Biological sciencesAnna Westerbergh, Anna-Britt Nyberg Berglund, Anssi Saura
EST databases as a source for molecular markers: Lessons from Helianthus.(expressed sequence tag)(Helianthus annuus)Biological sciencesDavid E. McCauley, Catherine H. Pashley, Jennifer R. Ellis, John M. Burke
Estimation of effective population size for the long-lived darkblotched rockfish Sebastes crameri.Biological sciencesDaniel Gomez-Uchida, Michael A. Banks
First evidence of higher female recombination in a species with temperature-dependent sex determination: The saltwater crocodile.Biological sciencesSally Robyn Isberg, Scott Maxwell Johnston, Yizhou Chen, Christopher Moran
G-Banded karyotype and ideogram for the North Atlantic Right Whale (Eubalaena glacialis).Biological sciencesKimberly C. Pause, Robert K. Bonde, Peter M. McGuire, Robert T. Zori, Brian A. Gray
Genealogical concordance and the specific status of Peromyscus sejugis.Biological sciencesRodney L. Honeycutt, Mindy L. Walker, Scott E. Chirhart, Ashli F. Moore, Ira F. Greenbaum
Gene diversity and mode of reproduction in the brooded larvae of the coral Heteroxenia fuscescens.Biological sciencesYaron Fuchs, Jacob Douek, Baruch Rinkevich, Rachel Ben-Shlomo
Generation means analysis of climbing ability in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.).Biological sciencesOscar Checa, Hernan Ceballos, Matthew W. Blair
Genetic analysis of 4 new mutants at the unstable k2 Mdh1-n y20 chromosomal region in soybean.Biological sciencesMin Xu, Reid G. Palmer
Genetic analysis of resistance to soybean mosaic virus in J05 soybean.Biological sciencesCuiming Zheng, Pengyin Chen, Rose Gererich
Genetic characterization of Argentine and Bolivian Creole cattle breeds assessed through microsatellites.Biological sciencesJuan Pedro Liron, Pilar Peral-Garcia, Guillermo Giovambattista
Genetic clines in the Bay of Biscay provide estimates of migration for Sardina pilchardus.Biological sciencesV. Laurent, M. Voisin, S. Planes
Genetic divergence of Connecticut Melanoplus femurrubrum populations.Biological sciencesOswald J. Schmitz, Adalgisa Caccone, JoohYoung Lee, Jonathan L. Marshall
Genetic divergence of Connecticut Melanoplus femurrubrum populations.Biological sciencesOswald J. Schmitz, Adalgisa Caccone, JoohYoung Lee, Jonathan L. Marshall
Genetic diversity analysis using lowly polymorphic dominant markers: The example of AFLP in pigs.(amplified fragment-length polymorphism )Biological sciencesB. Brugmans, J. Peleman, J.-L. Foulley, M.G.M. van Schriek, Alderson L., Bagga M., Y. Amigues, M.-Y. Boscher, R. Cardellino, Davoli R., J Delgado, E. Fimland, G.C. Gandini, P. Glodek, M.A. Groenen, B. Harlizius, H. Heuven, R. Joosten, A.M. Martinez, D. Matassino, J.L. Vega-Pla, J.-N. Meyer, A.M. Ramos, A.P. Rattink, V. Russo, K.W. Siggens
Genetic diversity within and among Sinai populations of three Ballota species (Lamiaceae).Biological sciencesJ.L. Hamrick, M.S. Zaghloul, A.A. Moustafa, W.M. Kamel, R. El-Ghareeb
Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) foraging and nesting aggregations in the Caribbean and Atlantic: Impact of currents and behavior on dispersal.Biological sciencesAnna L. Bass, Sheryan P. Epperly, Joanne Braun-McNeill
Heritable components of feline hematology, clinical chemistry, and acid-base profiles.Biological sciencesDennis F. Lawler, Kevin Chase, Robert Teckenbrock, Karl G. Lark
High levels of genetic variation exist in Aspergillus niger populations infecting Welwitschia mirabilis hook.Biological sciencesElizabeth Pekarek, Kathryn Jacobson, Anna Donovan
Iberian origins of New World horse breeds.Biological sciencesCristina Luis, Cristiane Bastis-Silveria, E. Gus Cothran, Maria Do Mar Oom
Identification and characterization of a tandem repeat in exon III of the dopamine receptor D4 (DRD4) gene in cetaceans.Biological sciencesLine Mogensen, Carl Christian Kinze, Thomas Werge, Henrik Berg Rasmussen
Inbreeding ancestors: The role of sibmating in the social evolution of gall thrips.Biological sciencesM.J. McLeish, T.W. Chapman, B.J. Crespi
Inbreeding linked to amphibian survival in the wild but not in the laboratory.Biological sciencesM.A. Halverson, D.K. Skelly, A. Caccone
Independent occurrences of multiple repeats in the control region of mitochondrial DNA of white-tailed deer.Biological sciencesJames R. Purdue, Taras K. Oleksyk, Michael H. Smith
Induction of tetraploid derivatives of maize inbred lines by nitrous oxide gas treatment.Biological sciencesJames A. Birchler, Akio Kato
Infraspecific DNA methylation polymorphism in cotton (Gossypium hirsuttum L.).Biological sciencesAnna L. Keyte, Ryan Percifield, Bao Liu, Jonathan F. Wendel
Inheritance of gynoecism in bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.).Biological sciencesDangar Ram, Sanjeet Kumar, Major Singh, Mathura Rai, Gautam Kalloo
Inheritance of gynoecism in bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.).Biological sciencesDangar Ram, Sanjeet Kumar, Major Singh, Mathura Rai, Gautam Kalloo
Inheritance of time to flowering in chickpea in a short-season temperate environment.Biological sciencesY. Anbessa, T. Warkentin, A. Vandenberg, R. Ball
Internal genetic structure and outcrossing rate in a natural population of Araucaria angustifolia (Bert.) O. Kuntze.Biological sciencesAdelar Mantovani, L. Patricia C. Morellato, Mauricio S. Dos Reis
Isolation by distance in the eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica, in Chesapeake Bay.Biological sciencesColin G. Rose, Kennedy T. Paynter, Matthew P. Hare
Life on the edge: The long-term persistence and contrasting spatial genetic structure of distinct brown trout life histories at their ecological limits.Biological sciencesWarren E. Johnson, Agostinho Antunes, Rui Faria, Rene Guyomard, Paulo Alexandrino
Luther Burbank: Honorary member of the American Breeder's Association.(In memoriam)Biological sciencesWilliam D. Stansfield
Mating patterns of Black Oak Quercus velutina (Fagaceae) in a Missouri oak-hickory forest.Biological sciencesJuan F. Fernandez-Manjarres, Jacquelyn Idol, Victoria L. Sork
Microsatellite diversity and fitness in stranded juvenile harp seals (Phoco groenlandica).Biological sciencesGeorge Amato, Maria Kretzmann, Laura Mentzer, Robert Jr. DiGiovanni, Matthew S. Leslie
Microsatellite documentation of male-mediated outcrossing between inbred laboratory strains of the self-fertilizing mangrove killifish (Kryptolebias marmoratus).Biological sciencesJohn C. Avise, Mark Mackiewicz, Andrey Tatarenkov, Andrew Perry, J. Ryce Martin, John F. Elder Jr., David L. Bechler
Mitochondrial DNA and microsatellite DNA variation in domestic reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus) and relationships with wild caribou (Rangifer tarandus granti, Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus, and Rangifer tarandus caribou).Biological sciencesMatthew A. Cronin, Michael D. MacNeil, John C. Patton
Mitochondrial sequence variation in Portuguese native dog breeds: Diversity and phylogenetic affinities.Biological sciencesMichael W. Bruford, Ana Elisabete Pires, Lahoussine Ouragh, Kalboussi, Mohsen; Matos, Jose, Francisco Petrucci-Fonseca
Multiple parthenoforms of Empoasca leafhoppers from Madeira island: Where are these unisexual forms coming from?Biological sciencesDora Aguin-Pornbo, Valentina Kuznetsova, Nelio Freitas
Multiple paternity and breeding system in the gopher tortoise, Gopherus polyphemus.Biological sciencesStephen A. Karl, Jamie C. Moon, Earl D. McCoy, Henry R. Mushinsky
Noncanonical RNAs from transcripts of the Drosophila muscleblind gene.Biological sciencesJonathan M. Houseley, Zaida Garcia-Casado, Maya Pascual, Nuria Paricio, Kevin M.C. O'Dell, Darren G. Monckton, Ruben D. Artero
Paleobiogeography of two Iberian endemic cyprinid fishes (Chondrostoma arcasii-Chondrostoma macrolepidotus) inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequence data.Biological sciencesIgnacio Doadrio, Joana Isabel Robalo, Carla Sousa Santos, Vitor Carvalho Almada
Patterns of variation in MHC class II beta loci of the little greenbul (Andropadus virens) with comments on MHC evolution in birds.Biological sciencesThomas B. Smith, Scott V. Edwards, Robert K. Wayne, Andres Aguilar
Pennisetum squamulatum: Is the predominant cytotype hexaploid or octaploid?Biological sciencesZhenbang Chen, Yukio Akiyama, Shailendra Goel, Wayne W. Hanna, Peggy Ozias-Akins
Phylogenetic analysis of snow sheep (Ovis nivicola) and closely related taxa.Biological sciencesT.D. Bunch, C. Wu, S. Wang, Y.-P. Zhang
Phylogeography and spatial genetic structure of the Southern Torrent Salamander: Implications for conservation and management.Biological sciencesSusan M. Haig, Mark P. Miller, R. Steven Wagner
Polymorphic markers suggest a gene flow of CFTR gene from sub-Saharan/Arabian and Meditteranean to Brazilian population.(cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator)Biological sciencesPedro H. Cabello, Giselda M.K. Cabello, Juan C. Llerena Jr., Octavio Fernandes
Population differentiation and the effects of herbivory and sand compaction on the subterranean growth of a desert lily.Biological sciencesDavid Saltz, David Ward, Natalia Ruiz-R.
Primate microRNAs miR-220 and miR-492 lie within processed pseudogenes.Biological sciencesEric J. Devor
PRINS-labeled knobs are not associated with increased chromosomal stickiness in the maize st1 mutant.(primed in situ labeling)Biological sciencesTatiana C. Tatum, A. Lane Rayburn
Qualitative inheritance of rind pattern and flesh color in watermelon.Biological sciencesGabriele Gusmini, Todd C. Wehner
Regional genetic structuring and evolutionary history of the impala Aepyceros melampus.Biological sciencesPeter Arctander, Eline D. Lorenzen, Hans R. Siegismund
Shallow mtDNA coalescence in Atlantic pygmy angelfishes (genus centropyge) indicates a recent invasion from the Indian Ocean.Biological sciencesB.W. Bowen, A. Moss, L.A. Rocha, W.S. Grant
Short-term impact of 1997/1998 ENSO-induced disturbance on abundance and genetic variation in a tropical butterfly.(El Nino Southern Oscillation)Biological sciencesDaniel F.R. Cleary, Cecile Fauvelot, Steph B.J. Menken
SNP identification and analysis in part of intron 2 of goat MSTN gene and variation within and among species.(single nucleotide polymorphism )(myostatin)Biological sciencesXiang-Long Li, Zhao-Long Wu, Zheng-Zhu Liu, Yuan-Fang Gong, Rong-Yan Zhou, Gui-Rui Zheng
Source populations of Quercus glauca in the last glacial age in Taiwan revealed by nuclear microsatellite markers.Biological sciencesYuan-Jr Lee, Shih-Ying Hwang, Kuo-Chieh Ho, Tsan-Piao Lin
The candidate gene, clock, localizes to a strong spawning time quantitative trait locus region in rainbow trout.Biological sciencesR.G. Danzmann, M.M. Ferguson, E.H. Leder
The gene of retroviral origin Syncytin 1 is specific to hominoids and is inactive in old world monkeys.Biological sciencesMario Caceres, James W. Thomas
The influence of maternal lineages on social affiliations among humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) on their feeding grounds in the southern Gulf of Maine.Biological sciencesHal Whitehead, Mason T. Weinrich, Alexis L. Blackmer, Howard Rosenbaum, C. Scott Baker
The mutated [S.sub.1]-haplotype in sour cherry has an altered S-haplotype-specific F-box protein gene.Biological sciencesNathanael R. Hauck, Kazuo Ikeda, Ryutaro Tao, Amy F. Iezzoni
Tuatara (sphenodon) genomics: BAC library construction, sequence survey, and applications to the DMRT gene family.Biological sciencesScott V. Edwards, Chris T. Amemiya, Zhenshan Wang, Tsutomu Miyake
Unusual intraindividual variation of the nuclear 18S rRNA gene is widespread within the acipenseridae.Biological sciencesArne Ludwig, Jeannette Krieger, Anne Kathrin Hett, Paul A. Fuerst, Vadim J. Birstein
Venom evolution widespread in fishes: A phylogenetic road map for the bioprospecting of piscine venoms .Biological sciencesWard C. Wheeler, William Leo Smith
Widespread utility of highly informative AFLP molecular markers across divergent shark species.(amplified fragment length polymorphism)Biological sciencesKyall R. Zenger, Adam J. Stow, Victor Peddemors, David A. Briscode, Robert G. Harcourt
Wild and aquaculture populations of the eastern oyster compared using microsatellites.Biological sciencesKimberly S. Reece, Jens Carlsson, Cheryl L. Morrison
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