The Journal of Heredity 1996 - Abstracts

The Journal of Heredity 1996
Albino and pink-eyed dilution mutants in the Russian dwarf hamster Phodopus campbelli.Biological sciencesR. Robinson
A linkage map of seven allozyme loci in the Hessian fly.Biological sciencesJ.H. Hatchett, W.C. Black IV, B.R. Evans, L.J. Krchma
A linkage map of sweet cherry based on RAPD analysis of a microspore-derived callus culture population.(random amplified polymorphic DNA)Biological sciencesT.S. Brettin, E.J. Stockinger, C.A. Mulinix, C.M. Long, A.F. Iezzoni
A male linkage map of the cattle (Bos taurus) genome.Biological sciencesC. Park, C.A. Green, J.E. Beever, I. Russ, G. Guerin, R.Z. Ma, Y. Da, D.W. Heyen, R.E. Everts, S.R. Fisher, K.M. Overton, A.J. Teale, S.J. Kemp, H.C. Hines, H.A. Lewin
Arbitrary primer PCR of dog DNA with estimates of average heterozygosity.(polymerase chain reaction)Biological sciencesR.W. Williams, A.D. Ezer, D. Goldowitz
A recessive homeotic mutant in pearl millet.Biological sciencesJ.P. Wilson
A seedling lethal maize mutant lacking functional leaf stomates.Biological sciencesR.J. Lambert, L.M. Treeful, J.H. Sherrard
California blonde, a new recessive mutation in the deer mouse.(Coat Color Genetics of Peromyscus, part 5)Biological sciencesV.L. Roth, W.D. Dawson
Canine genetic linkage study using heterologous DNA probes.Biological sciencesG.H. Sack Jr., E.W. Taylor, D.A. Meyers, C.R. Dragwa, L.C. Cork
Cerebellar vermis defect: a new neurobiological mutation in the rat.Biological sciencesT. Yoshida, M. Tsudzuki, M. Kuwamura, A. Ishida, J. Yamate, T. Kotani, S. Sakuma
Characterization of interpopulation genetic variability in three hybrid maize populations.Biological sciencesA.R. Hallauer, F.J. Betran
Chromosome extraction and revision of linkage group 2 in Tribolium castaneum.Biological sciencesJ.J. Stuart, K.S. Friesen, R.W. Beeman, M.S. Haas
Chromosomes of Alouatta seniculus (Platyrrhini, primates) from French Guiana.Biological sciencesM. Vassart, A. Guedant, J.C. Vie, J. Keravec, A. Seguela, V.T. Volobouev
Coat color alleles in the domestic cat populations at the Adriatic Coast.Biological sciencesA. Wagner
Corngrass1 of maize (Zea mays L.) delays development of adult plant resistance to common rust (Puccinia sorghi Schw.) and European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis Hubner).Biological sciencesB.G. Abedon, W.F. Tracy
Crossover suppressors in Tribolium castaneum.Biological sciencesG. Mocelin, Stuart J.J.
Crown rust resistance loci on linkage groups 4 and 13 in cultivated oat.Biological sciencesA.L. Bush, R.P. Wise
Dense incisors (din): a new mouse mutation on chromosome 16 affecting tooth eruption and body size.Biological sciencesH.O. Sweet, M.T. Davisson, S.C. Marks Jr., C.A. MacKay, K.R. Johnson
Derivation and characterization of a somatic cell hybrid containing the portion of mouse chromosome 11 (MMU11) homologous to human chromosome 17q.Biological sciencesD.J. Morris-Rosendahl, G. Schriever-Schwemmer, T.J. Robinson
DNA fingerprinting confirms isogenicity of androgenetically derived rainbow trout lines.Biological sciencesP.A. Wheeler, G.H. Thorgaard, W.P. Young, R.D. Fields
Effects of inbreeding on skeletal development of Rattus villosissimus.Biological sciencesR.C. Lacy, B.E. Horner
Electrophoretic evidence for tetrasomic inheritance in the dioecious tree Maclura pomifera (Raf.) Schneid.Biological sciencesJ.L. Hamrick, R.H. Laushman, A. Schnabel
Estimating and testing hypotheses about the number of genes using inbred-backcross data.Biological sciencesK.M. Eskridge, D.P. Coyne
Ethyl methanesulfonate-induced seed mutagenesis of capsicum annuum.Biological sciencesD.W. Smith, T.P. Alcantara, P.W. Bosland
Fawn-2: a dominant plumage color mutation in Japanese quail.Biological sciencesS. Ito, K. Sato, M. Tsudzuki, S. Takahashi, H. Uchida
Gene flow in colonizing Hippodamia variegata ladybird beetle populations.Biological sciencesE.S. Krafsur, J.J. Obrycki, P. Nariboli
Genetic and environmental impacts on litter size and early infant survival in three species of callitrichids.Biological sciencesJ.M. Cheverud, C.E. Jaquish, S.D. Tardif
Genetic and physical mapping of the chicken IGF1 gene to chromosome 1 and conservation of synteny with other vertebrate genomes.(insulin-like growth factor 1)Biological sciencesL.B. Crittenden, S. Klein, D.R. Morrice, H. Sang, D.W. Burt
Genetic control of dinitroaniline resistance in foxtail millet (Setaria italica).Biological sciencesT. Wang, J. Ma, A. Fleury, H. Darmency
Genetic correlates of phenotypic variation in the pocket gopher (Thomomys bottae) in California.(Phenetics of Natural Populations, part 5)Biological sciencesM.E. Soule, G.P. Zegers
Genetic regulation of border zone formation in female mastomys (Praomys coucha) adrenal cortex.Biological sciencesS. Tanaka, M. Nozaki-Ukai, J. Kitoh, A. Matsuzawa
Genetics of isozyme polymorphisms in carnation.Biological sciencesR. Messeguer, P. Arus
Genetic variability and mating system in three species of the genus Centrosema.Biological sciencesM.I. de O. Penteado, P. Garcia, M. Perez de la Vega
Genomic distribution of P elements in Drosophila willistoni and a search for their relationship with chromosomal inversions.Biological sciencesL.P. Regner, M.S.O. Pereira, C.E.V. Alonso, E. Abdelhay, V.L.S. Valente
Guinea fowl plumage color inheritance, with particular attention on the dun color.Biological sciencesR.G. Somes Jr.
Heteroduplex mobility assays (HMAs) and analogous sequence analysis of a cytochrome b region indicate phylogenetic relationships of selected Callitrichids.Biological sciencesM.A.M. Moreira, C.A.S. Almeida, F. Canavez, R. Olicio, H.N. Seuanez
HinfI variation in mitochondrial DNA of old world honey bee subspecies.Biological sciencesW.S. Sheppard, T.E. Rinderer, M.D. Meixner, H.R. Yoo, J.A. Stelzer, N.M. Schiff, S.M. Kamel, R. Krell
Human microsatellites applicable for analysis of genetic variation in apes and Old World monkeys.Biological sciencesM.W. Bruford, T. Coote
Inheritance and expression of purple and yellow storage root color in carrot.Biological sciencesP.W. Simon
Inheritance and linkage with the k2 and Mdh1-n loci in soybean.(malate dehydrogenase 1 null)Biological sciencesR.G. Palmer, X.F. Chen
Inheritance of a recessive character controlling reduced carotenoid pigmentation in carrot (Daucus carota L.)Biological sciencesI.L. Goldman, D.N. Breitbach
Inheritance of chlorophyll deficiency traits in lettuce.Biological sciencesE.J. Ryder
Inheritance of crippled trifoliolate leaves occurring in interracial crosses of common bean and its relationship with hybrid dwarfism.Biological sciencesS.P. Singh, A. Molina
Inheritance of isozymes in pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.).Biological sciencesA. Kremer, A. Zanetto, G. Muller-Starck, H.H. Hattemer
Inheritance of kernel resistance to Fusarium graminearum in maize.Biological sciencesC. Chungu, D.E. Mather, L.M. Reid, R.I. Hamilton
Inheritance of polycystic kidney disease in Persian cats.Biological sciencesD.S. Biller, S.P. DiBartola, K.A. Eaton, S. Pflueger, M.L. Wellman, M.J. Radin
Inheritance of protease inhibitors in Glycine tomentella Hayata (2n = 38), a perennial relative of soybean.Biological sciencesR.J. Singh, T. Hymowitz, K.P. Kollipara
Inheritance of traingular and ovate bracteoles in common bean.Biological sciencesS.P. Singh, C.A. Urrea
Insecticide resistance genes in mosquitoes: their mutations, migration, and selection in field populations.Biological sciencesM. Raymond, N Pasteur
Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci for use in population genetic analysis in the timber rattlesnake, Crotalus horridus.Biological sciencesX. Villarreal, J. Bricker, H.K. Reinhart, L. Gelbert, L.M. Bushar
Linkage analysis of endogenous viral element 1, blue eggshell, and pea comb loci in chickens.Biological sciencesE.J. Smith, J.R. Bartlett, C.P. Jones
Linkage of semidwarf phenotype to interchange homozygosity in pearl millet.Biological sciencesK. Uma Devi, P.S.R.L. Narasinga Rao, M. Krishna Rao
Mapping the Horns (Ho) locus in sheep: a further locus controlling horn development in domestic animals.Biological sciencesK.G. Dodds, G.W. Montgomery, A.M. Crawford, A.E. Beattie, H.M. Henry, T. Wuliji
Mendel's opposition to evolution and to Darwin.Biological sciencesB.E. Bishop
Mesenchymal dysplasia: a recessive mutation on chromosome 13 of the mouse.Biological sciencesR.T. Bronson, H.O. Sweet, L.R. Donahue, M.T. Davisson
Microphthalmia cloudy-eye (mi (super ce)): a new murine allele.Biological sciencesM.L. Lamoreux, L.C. Skow, D.C. Zimring, M.J. Millichamp
Microsatellite repeat variation within the y1 gene of maize and teosinte.Biological sciencesT.L. Phelps, A.E. Hall, B. Buckner
Multiple allelism at the D locus in squash.Biological sciencesH.S. Paris
Mutations in the Anopheles gambiae pink-eye and white genes define distinct, tightly linked eye-color loci.Biological sciencesM.Q. Benedict, F.H. Collins, N.J. Besansky, H. Chang, O. Mukabayire
Mutator-induced cytoplasmic mutants in barley: genetic evidence of activation of a putative chloroplast transposon.Biological sciencesA.R. Prina
New mutations affecting meristem growth and potential in Petunia hybrida Vilm.Biological sciencesC.A. Napoli, J. Ruehle
Normal segregation of allozyme markers in complex rhododendron hybrids.Biological sciencesS.L. Krebs
Parallel rise and fall of melanic peppered moth in America and Britain.Biological sciencesB.S. Grant, D.F. Owen, C.A. Clarke
Partial resistance to root-borne infection by Phytophthora sojae in three allelic necrotic root mutants in soybean.Biological sciencesR.G. Palmer, R.M. Kosslak, J.R. Dieter, R.L. Ruff, M.A. Chamberlin, B.A. Bowen
Paternity exclusion in koalas using hypervariable microsatellites.Biological sciencesB.A. Houlden, P. England, W.B. Sherwin
Phenotypic analysis of the Dopa decarboxylase gene cluster mutants in Drosophila melanogaster.Biological sciencesT.R.F. Wright
Population density and mating pattern in western larch.Biological sciencesY.A. El-Kassaby, B. Jaquish
Population genetics and genetic variability of Bulinus globosus (Gastropoda:Planorbidae) from the two main river systems in Zimbabwe.Biological sciencesH.R. Siegismund, S. Mukaratirwa, T.K. Kristensen, S.K. Chandiwana
Proportion of the variation in genetic composition in backcrossing programs explained by genetic markers.Biological sciencesP.M. Visscher
Reproductive behavior in maize-Tripsacum polyhaploid plants: implications for the transfer of apomixis into maize.Biological sciencesJ. Berthaud, O. Leblanc, D. Grimanelli, N. Islam-Faridi, Y. Savidan
Resistance to root knot nematode (Meloidogyne hapla Chitwood) in carrot is controlled by two recessive genes.Biological sciencesM. Wang, I.L. Goldman
RFLP linkage map of an alfalfa meiotic mutant based on an F(sub 1) population.Biological sciencesT.C. Osborn, S. Tavoletti, F. Veronesi
RFLP mapping of expressed sequence tags in the chicken.(restriction fragment length polymorphism)Biological sciencesC.A. Spike, N. Bumstead, L.B. Crittenden, S.J. Lamont
Sex-linked inheritance of fumarate hydratase alleles in natricine snakes.Biological sciencesR.B. King, R. Lawson
Soybean chromosome painting: a strategy for somatic cytogenetics.Biological sciencesT. Zhu, P. Keim, L. Shi, M. Morgante, J.A. Rafalski
Spermatogenesis and synaptonemal complexes of hybrid Petrogale (marsupialia).Biological sciencesR.L. Close, J.N. Bell, A.E. Dollin, H.R. Harding
Tandem repeats and heteroplasmy in the mitochondrial DNA control region of the loggerhead shrike (Lanius ludovicianus).Biological sciencesN.I. Mundy, C.S. Winchell, D.S. Woodruff
Temporal stability and microgeographic homogeneity of heritability estimates in a natural bird population.Biological sciencesL. Gustafsson, Merila J.
Tetrasomic inheritance of isozymes in sainfoin (Onobrychis viciaefolia scop.).Biological sciencesM.C. de Vicente, P. Arus
Tetrasomic segregation of allozyme markers in an endangered plant, Aster kantoensis.Biological sciencesM. Masuda, M. Maki, K. Inoue
The deletion stocks of common wheat.Biological sciencesB.S. Gill, T.R. Endo
The extension coat color locus and the loci for blood group O and tyrosine aminotransferase are on pig chromosome 6.Biological sciencesL. Andersson, H. Ellegren, P. Mariani, M. Johansson Moller, B. Hoyheim, L. Marklund, W. Davies
The genetics of the mimetic coloration in the butterfly Heliconius cydno weymeri.Biological sciencesM. Linares
The inheritance of flower color in Petunia hybrida Vilm.Biological sciencesR.J. Griesbach
The polled locus maps to BTA1 in a Bos indicus x Bos taurus cross.Biological sciencesJ.F. Taylor, J.W. Turner, J.O. Sanders, R.A. Brenneman, S.K. Davis, B.M. Burns, T.C. Wheeler
The use of transposable P-elements of Drosophila melanogaster for introductory genetics laboratory courses.Biological sciencesP. Morcillo, R. Tuttle, R.J. Maclntyre
Unstable white flower color in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.).Biological sciencesA.K. Singh, S.L. Dwivedi, S.N. Nigam
Variation of repetitive DNA sequences in progenies of regenerated plants of Pisum sativum.Biological sciencesA. Cavallini, L. Natali, E. Polizzi, T. Giordani
Yellow tip: a cytoplasmically inherited trait in melon (Cucumis melo L.).Biological sciencesD.T. Ray, J.D. McCreight
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