The John Marshall Journal of Computer & Information Law 1995 - Abstracts

The John Marshall Journal of Computer & Information Law 1995
A.D.A.M. - the computer generated cadaver: a new development in medical malpractice and personal injury litigation.Library and information scienceThapedi, Andre M.
A lawyer's roadmap of the information superhighway.Library and information scienceGordon, Mark L., McKenzie, Diana J.P.
A normative regulatory framework for computer matching.Library and information scienceClarke, Roger A.
Attorney advertising and solicitation on the Internet: complying with ethics regulations and netiquette.Library and information scienceGilpin, Brian G.
Computers, copyright and substantial similarity: the test reconsidered.Library and information scienceCoulter, Jeffrey D.
Credit cards in America.Library and information scienceSzwak, David A.
Disclosure of an adoptee's HIV status: a return to orphanages and leper colonies?Library and information scienceChejfec, Charles
Don't get caught in the net: an intellectual property practitioner's guide to using the Internet.Library and information scienceKassel, Mark A., Kassel, Joanne Keane
E-mail stalking: is adequate legal protection available?Library and information scienceRoss, Eileen S.
Extending the reach of the long-arm statute through the Internet.(Florida)(Case Note)Library and information scienceSantisi, Michael J.
In re Alappat: a strict statutory interpretation determining patentable subject matter relating to computer software?Library and information scienceKim, Sang Hui Michael
Medical process patents and patient privacy rights.Library and information scienceTaylor, Jeffrey A.
Reinventing the examination process for patent applications covering software-related inventions.Library and information scienceKlein, Alan P.
Repetitive stress injuries and the computer keyboard: if there still is no causal relationship between use and injury, is it wise to warn?Library and information scienceLiljestrand, Craig T.
Restatement (Second) of Torts section 324A: an innovative theory of recovery for patients injured through use or misuse of health care information systems.Library and information scienceDahm, Lisa L.
Revising the copyright law for electronic publishing.Library and information scienceLoundy, David J.
Sysop, user and programmer liability: the constitutionality of computer generated child pornography.(Thirteenth Annual John Marshall Law School National Moot Court Competition in Information Technology and Privacy Law)(Transcript)Library and information scienceGassman, Gary L.
The government's unauthorized seizure of private e-mail warrants more than the Fifth Circuit's slap on the wrist.(Case Note)Library and information scienceGiallonardo, Nicole
The Mexican electoral process: the perpetuation of fraud by restriction of citizen access to electoral information.Library and information scienceRoot, Lawrence E., Jr.
Thermal imaging and the Fourth Amendment: Pushing the Katz test towards terminal velocity.Library and information sciencePolatsek, Daniel J.
The Rodney King beating - beyond fair use: a broadcaster's right to air copyrighted videotape as part of a newscast.Library and information scienceReis, Leslie Ann
Warrantless satellite surveillance: will our 4th Amendment privacy rights be lost in space?Library and information scienceKelly, Krysten C.
When is a software process too abstract to merit patent protection?(Case Note)Library and information scienceSantisi, Steven M.
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