The IRE Journal 2003 - Abstracts

The IRE Journal 2003
2002 e-government act could assist in access, but questions abound.Literature/writingSmallman, David
Aim for the Heart: A Guide for TV Producers and Reporters.(Book Review)Literature/writingWeinberg, Steve
Amateur boxing: unprepared fighters killed in poorly regulated sport.Literature/writingGirard, Fred
A muckraking life.(Charles Edward Russell )Literature/writingWeinberg, Steve
Annual conference hosts huge crowd in Washington, D.C..Literature/writingEmeigh, Geoff
Asbestos: series tells story behind product liability problems.Literature/writingBond, Patti
Bad air investigating pollution: dirty deals in reshaping economy, county eases way for diesel truck pollution.Literature/writingDanelski, David
Bad Air Investigation: Health analysis: highly technical air quality data interpreted locally.Literature/writingBruggers, James
Bad Air Investigation: Smog capital: multiple sources jeopardize region, health of residents.Literature/writingGrossi, Mark, Anderson, Barbara, Clemings, Russell
Bad apples: charter schools hire felons, mismanage taxpayer money.Literature/writingBivens, Steve
Barlett and Steele: details make the story.(Donald Barlett)(James Steels )Literature/writingMcDonald, Cat
Bed-to-bed infections: deadly germs spreading through nation's hospitals.Literature/writingBerens, Michael J.
Best Business Crime Writing of the Year.(Book Review)Literature/writingWeinberg, Steve
Black Market: studying the economic, moral impact of the nation's underground economy.Literature/writingWeinberg, Steve
Books help add math to reporters' writing skills.Literature/writingMaier, Scott R.
Budget proposal.Literature/writingHoustan, Brant
CAR conference to feature beginner track.(Computer Assisted Reporting)(North Carolina)Literature/writingBramucci, Gina
Chicago crime: new look at organized gangs show financial, political reach.(Interview)Literature/writingMain, Frank, Sadovi, Carlos, Warmbir, Steve
Chopper wars: competition for patients becomes dangerous game.Literature/writingSwauger, Kirk
Confrontational interviews.Literature/writingLuechtefeld, Lori
Consumers: stories on credit errors focus on how they occu.Literature/writingGosselin, Kenneth R., Kauffman, Matthew
Court slamming doors on media and public access.Literature/writingLaFleur, Jennifer
Database reporting reveals food handling gone wrong: work also shows inspections sometimes not taking place.Literature/writingJones, Vallance
Dealing with sensitive issues.Literature/writingLuechtefeld, Lori
Domestic violence: probe prompts change in way cases prosecuted.Literature/writingBrundrett, Rick
Drunken driving: killer roads pinpointed through mapping project.Literature/writingStark, Karl, Ciotta, Rose
Embedding delivered propaganda as well as important information.Literature/writingWilcock, Dan
Executive profits: stock options and side deals mean millions for managers as Qwest stock takes dive.Literature/writingKilzer, Lou
Federal commission changing access rules to avoid FOIA guidelines.(Freedom of Information Act )Literature/writingDavis, Charles
Felons avoid deportation, slip back into community.Literature/writingJaspin, Elliot, Malone, Julia
FOIA denial study for IRE conference shows privacy cited more than security.(Freedom of Information Act)Literature/writingCochran, Wendell, Katz, Jonathan M.
FOI Report: federal security provisions could shield corporate info with new 'classified' label.Literature/writingDavis, Charles
Following the faithful: City portraits: role of religion starkly different in town profiles.Literature/writingLawrence, Jill
Following the faithful: Faith Healer: Hidden cameras help, hidden records frustrate probe into televangelist.Literature/writingJorgensen, Meade
Following the faithful: Imam uproar: Imam's history hurts credibility on local scene.(Imam Fawaz Damra )Literature/writingMerriman, Tom
Following the faithful: priest scandal.Literature/writingPfeiffer, Sacha
Guidestar a valuable link to nonprofits.(websites)Literature/writingEdds, Carolyn
Hepatitis C: untreated blood-borne illness hits unmonitored prisons hard .Literature/writingLin, Jennifer, Fazlollah, Mark
HIPAA starting to deny basic information to public.(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act )Literature/writingLaFleur, Jennifer
Hi-tech start-up finds safe harbor in GUV'S mansion.Literature/writingSilver, Beth
Housing: officials target minorities in occupancy code raids.Literature/writingPawlaczyk, George
Immigrants: New Florida land deals zero in on immigrants.Literature/writingWright, Patrick
International Investigations: Business of war. .Literature/writingBeelman, Maud S.
International Investigations: global conference returns to Denmark .Literature/writingLuechtefeld, Lori
International Investigations: Mexican border .Literature/writingReavis, Dick J.
International Investigations: tracing victims.Literature/writingSmith, Stephen, Montgomery, Michael
International Investigations: veterans offer helpful sites in international investigations .Literature/writingBramucci, Gina
Interviews with the interviewers: Cross-cultural interviewing .Literature/writingLuechtefeld, Lori
Interviews with the interviewers: interviewing whistleblowers.Literature/writingLuechtefeld, Lori
Interviews with the interviewers: nailing the technical interview.Literature/writingLuechtefeld, Lori
Local probe uncovers financial sleight of hand used by nonprofit group .Literature/writingAlaimo, Carol Ann
Mapping project explores racial disparity injuries.Literature/writingHouser, Mark
Military aviation.Literature/writingMiller, Allan C., Sack, Kevin
Missing persons: ignored reports, disorganization keep police from solving cases.Literature/writingKamb, Lewis
National guard: close look finds poor training, unloaded guns.Literature/writingSmith, Sharon
Olmstead decision: review of mentally ill care now state-by-state concern .Literature/writingHargrove, Mary
Paper intervenes in case to argue for public database.Literature/writingBranstetter, Ziva
Paramedic backgrounding: small station uses CAR to sift entire state's data.Literature/writingGreenblatt, Mark
Parents surrender children to gain mental health aid.Literature/writingOlson, Jeremy
Phantom classes: high school athletes used to pump up college funds.Literature/writingFisher, Marla Jo
Plan set for annual IRE board elections.Literature/writing 
Salaries, Perks, and Pensions: Corporate collapse: challenging assumptions was key to pursuing Enron's shaky, but often legal, steps.Literature/writingEichenwald, Kurt
Salaries, Perks, and Pensions: Janitor insurance: employer profits hidden in coverage of workers, even after retirement.Literature/writingSchultz, Ellen, Francis, Theo
Salaries, Perks, and Pensions: Legislative Pensions: lawmakers cobble together own state retirement plans paying better than old jobs.Literature/writingMcNichol, Dunstan
Salaries, Perks, and Pensions: Public Retirements: poor oversight of fund, ignoring or rewriting rules dumps shortfall on citizens.Literature/writingWalth, Brent
School credit.Literature/writingKollars, Deb
Shaking the Foundations: 200 Years of Investigative Journalism in America.(Book Review)Literature/writingWeinberg, Steve
Silent abuse.Literature/writingTeichroeb, Ruth
State slush fund: public money used to fund legislators' private interests.Literature/writingSolida, Michele McNeil
Surgery, death rates: analysis of statistics provides local picture.Literature/writingHuff, Charlotte
The black belt.Literature/writingArchibald, John, Crowder, Carla, Hansen, Jeff
The Education of Lieutenant Kerrey.(Book Review)Literature/writingWeinberg, Steve
Torture: Iraqi athletes report regime's cruelties.Literature/writingFarrey, Tom
Toxic workplace.Literature/writingBruggers, James
Veterans care: records detail nation's treatment, oversight gaps.Literature/writingMazzolini, Joan
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