The IRE Journal 1993 - Abstracts

The IRE Journal 1993
Common Cause magazine.Literature/writingDenny, Jeffrey
Details and meanings: how writers can teach us how to change our stories from merely organized to memorable.Literature/writingWeinberg, Steve
Fighting international libel suits.Literature/writingBarnett, Tracy
Getting the goods on money laundering schemes.Literature/writingSyken, William
Investigating child sexual abuse in the Catholic church.Literature/writingBerry, Jason
Investigating insurance fraud. (includes related article)Literature/writingFricker, Mary
"Kick kneecaps and question the mighty." (interview with Bob Greene, Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and founding member of IRE) (Interview)Literature/writingKeeler, Robert
Killings beg for computer analysis. (drug murders in Columbus, Ohio)Literature/writingMcInnis, Doug
Newsweek.Literature/writingBarry, John (Irish bishop), Charles, Roger
Presumed guilty: how negligent journalists contribute to wrongful convictions. (includes related article)Literature/writingMasterson, Mike, Yant, Martin
Seattle Times.Literature/writingNalder, Eric, Boardman, David, Gilmore, Susan, Pryne, Eric
The National Law Journal.Literature/writingCoyle, Marcia, MacLachlan, Claudia, Lavelle, Marianne
Weighing the obvious. (actual malice standard in two recent US Supreme Courtdecisions)(includes related article)Literature/writingRosini, Neil J.
What could possibly be corrupt in my town?Literature/writingWilliams, Dennie
WMAQ-TV, Chicago.Literature/writingHogan, Paul
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