The German Quarterly 2006 - Abstracts

The German Quarterly 2006
Between the pedagogical and the performative: personal stories, public narratives and social critique in Anna Segher's Uberfahrt.(literary works in Germany )Regional focus/area studiesJanzen, Marike
Challenging monolingualism: institutional implications of post secondary German language instruction.Regional focus/area studiesTatlock, Lynne
Cutting, pasting, fabricating,: late 18th-century travelogues and their German translators between legitimacy and imaginary nations.Regional focus/area studiesTauiz, Birgit
Debris and remembrance: Anna Seghers "Ausflug" and Walter Benjamin's "Engel der Geschichte"....Regional focus/area studiesKatkin, Maier- Birgit
Escape from Germany: disappearing bodies and postmodern space in Christian Kracht's prose.Regional focus/area studiesLangston, Richard
Imaging the Balkans, imagining Germany: intellectual journeys to former Yugoslavia in the 1990's.Regional focus/area studiesOppen, Karoline Von
Mauritius von Craun and Otto von Freising's The Two Cities: 12th and 13th- century skepticism about historical progress and the metaphor of the ship.Regional focus/area studiesClassen, Albrecht
On the emergence of sexual difference in the 18th century: economies of pleasure in Herder's Liebe und Selbstheit.Regional focus/area studiesHolzhey, Christopher F.E.
Postmodernism and the place of nostalgia in Ingeborg Bachmann's "Franza Fragment."Regional focus/area studiesSchlipphacke, Heidi
Whose German? Whose English? German studies as cultural translation.(German language and its relation with English literature )Regional focus/area studiesKramsch, Claire
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