The German Quarterly 2005 - Abstracts

The German Quarterly 2005
Between God and Gibson: German mystical and romantic sources of The Passion of the Christ.Regional focus/area studiesWeeks, Andrew
Deutschlandbilder in Botho Straub' drama SchluBchor.Regional focus/area studiesBraungart, Wolfgang
Dissolving boundaries: Assimilation and allosemitism in E.A. Dupont's Das alte Gesetz (1923) and Veit Harlan's Jud Suss (1940).Regional focus/area studiesWeinstein, Valerie
Dr. Mabuse: Terror and deception of the image.Regional focus/area studiesButler, Erik
Forum: German studies and globalization.Regional focus/area studiesArens, Katherine
German studies and globalization: Beyond eurocentrism.Regional focus/area studiesLennox, Sara
German studies and globalization.(influence of postmodernism)Regional focus/area studiesTrommler, Frank
Gewalt im Geistlichen Spiel: Das Donaueschinger und das Frankfurter Passionsspiel.Regional focus/area studiesEming, Jutta
Guilt, victimhood, and identity in Zafer Senocak's Gefahrliche Verwandtschaft.(Brief Article)Regional focus/area studiesLittler, Margaret
Holocaust memory between cosmopolitanism and nation - specificity: Monika Maron's Pawels Briefe and Jaroslaw Rymkiewicz's Umschlagplatz.Regional focus/area studiesStimmel, Joanna K.
Homoeroticism and the liberated woman as tropes of subversion: Grete Weil's literary provocations.Regional focus/area studiesBos, Pascale R.
How much German in German studies?Regional focus/area studiesDonahue, William Collins, Sinka, Margit M.
Marlene Streeruwitz's novel Nachwelt as postmodern feminist biography.Regional focus/area studiesKallin, Britta
Murder, he wrote: The fate of the woman in Max Frisch's Mein Name sei Gantenbein.(Ingeborg Bachmann's Malina)Regional focus/area studiesRevesz, Eva B.
On fools and clowns: Farewell to the GDR in two final DEFA films: Egon Gunther's Stein and Jorg Foth's Letztes aus der DaDaeR.Regional focus/area studiesSteingroever, Reinhild
On the relevance of comparative cultural knowledge of German literary studies.Regional focus/area studiesBerman, Nina
Self, race, and species: J. F. Blumenbach's atlas experiment.(Johann Friedrich Blumenbach)(scientific atlas)Regional focus/area studiesEigen, Sara
Sentiment media: Franziska zu Reventlow and the gender of genre in modernism.Regional focus/area studiesFinger, Anke
Tainted sources: The subversion of the Grimms' ideology of the folktale in Heinrich Heine's Der Rabbi von Bacherach.(Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm's ideology of folkloric purity)Regional focus/area studiesSchreiber, Elliott
The male muses of romanticism: The poetics of gender in Novalis, E.T.A. Hoffmann, and Eichendorff.Regional focus/area studiesHelfer, Martha B.
Verfuhrung durch Mitleid: G.E. Lessing's Emilia Galotti als Selbstanfhebung der Tragodia.(G.E. Lessing's Theory of Pity)Regional focus/area studiesMaurer, Karl-Heinz
Wandering in/to the rubble-film: Filmic flanerie and the exploded panorama after 1945.Regional focus/area studiesFisher, Jaimey
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