The Director 1981 - Abstracts

The Director 1981
Communications at work: the challenge and the response. (summary of consultancy report on British companies)Business, internationalDavid Bolton
In-house or out-house: the expert team. (public relations)Business, internationalSheila Black
Prince Charles: call for the 'dash of enterprise.'Business, internationalGeorge Bull
Sir Kenneth Corfield: the call for a strategy. (Chairman of Standard Telephones and Cables)Business, internationalGeorge Bull
Strengthening the sinews of Scottish business and finance.Business, internationalMichael Herries
The budget, the parties and the interest of British business.Business, internationalRonald Butt
The burgeoning demand for a company health scheme. (Great Britain)Business, internationalHugh Elwell
Training the police for troubled times.Business, internationalAnthony Moreton
What price for a prosperous BL?Business, international 
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